Joondalup Huckfest 2010


The 2010 Joondalup Huckfest was by far one of the best competitions that has gone down in the history of the Huckfest. Since the competition was started in 1999 there has been much action take place but none was as crazy as this year’s competition. The Joondalup Huckfest takes place as part of the Joondalup Festival and what a place to have such a good comp. With carnival rides, bands, free give-a-ways, hot girls and an awesome street course set up to annihilate, why were you not there.

Clockwise from top left – Sebbi Scott is all about style and a 7th place at Huckfest – Dylan Schmidt looking rather Royal at height – Tom Hamley no foots a can – Sebbi and Sean Wood were not competing in a doubles comp, simultaneous 360s without a rehearsal

On Saturday there was to be three runs but due to the weather turning south when rain began to fall some riders only managed to get two runs while some got all three in. Come Sunday someone  turned the right dial on the weather machine and sun shine was the only thing ordered. First up was the flatland jam. Its kinda strange how in the years past not many riders would even sit to watch the flatland but it seems now even the park rats are getting in on the action. A very interesting observation indeed. Ben Moran, Shaun Jarvis, Mike Brandt and Andrew McDermott were all throwing down some rad flatland tricks with some of the park riders getting into the mix. One of the best jams Joondalup has seen.

Clockwise from top left – Shaun Jarvis backyarding – Andrew McDermott steamrolling into a link – Mike Brandt is only a half hiker – this guy puts the BM into BMX, Ben Moran bar spins outta the link that only he knows. All pics by Dylan Schmidt

Sunday arvo had the rest of the of the Huckfest competition runs before the battle finals began at night. The top 6 riders were sent into battle.

Battle 1

Andy V’s Dylan Schmidt

Andys riding is tech as hell but the lack of jumps was his down fall against Dylan as he busted out one of the highest supermans ever seen in a long while. Dylan had a few different lines and transfers that not many riders were hittin and it was he who took out this round.

Battle 2

Dylan Schmidt V’s Laurence Bakewell

Dylan seemed to miss his mark in this round and tried to ride as good in the last battle but was just a bit behind in the tricks. Laurence had the all the goods with double whips, flairs, truckdrivers and baries to boot.

Battle 3

Laurence Bakewell V’s Dempsey

Dempsey had the tech, the grinds, the lines, the style and a mad 180 over the volcano. Diversity was what Dempsey had over Laurence. Mad jumps are super awesome but if a rider has more to offer the win might go his way, and this time it did for Dempsey.

Battle 4

Dempsey V’s Jay Wilson

This was going to be a great match up. Both riders have some tech street skills. Dempsey seemed to have lost his steam and just didn’t hit the mark with the tricks. He could have easily demolished Jay but it was Jay who had the goods in this battle. Dempsey had a few to may bails and Jaydog had some crazy high 360 fakies mixed in with some rad rail action. This one was a close call but it was given to Jay Wilson

Battle 5

Jay Wilson V’s Jacob De Aberu

Two completely different riders with two completely different riding styles. Jay a street dog and Jacob,a park assassin.

The winner was to be $600 richer. Jacob had the double whips, truckdrivers, barspins, decade and a backie over the volcano along with a few lip tricks. Jay had the diversity of the rails, ledges, jumps and airs and some tech. At the end of the battle round the scores were tied so a rebattle was called. This time Jacob started his run with a barspin drop in but managed to move his rear wheel outta spot. After a quick fix remedy it was not going to happen so Jacob grabbed Laurence’s bike and then proceeded to do what he is good at and jumped the heck outta the bike pulling double whips, decade, truckdrivers, barspins over the jumps in place. Jay did what Jay is good at and rode the rails and ledges with tech goodness as well as throwin down some super slick wily jumps. In the end it was still very close but with Jacob throwin down hard it was he who took out the top spot and $600. He was definitely more stoked than the fire at the Newdegate pub. Jay Wilson had a smile so large that it almost matched his $400 he had won from taking second.

Clockwise from top left – Sebbi styles again – this young gun wins the prize for the most enthusiastic rider at the Huckfest. 11 year old Joe Bothwell. The kid just loves BMX and was a treat to watch ride. Superman he is – Jacob DeAberu wants to fly – Dylan Caruthers jams toe fakies.

Many riders accepted the challenge to ice pick this sub box but it was Brad Beven who managed to finally nail it. A pity it went down during pack up and not many people got to witness the stunt. Only a select few now have that memory.

The whole weekend could not have been possible without the support of the City of Joondalup who gave away $1500 in prize money. Mad props to the whole Joondalup festival crew for a great weekend. Gotta give a holla out to the stowaway crew who as always support the western Australian comps. Thanks for the support and the riders were way ecstatic with the treasure up for grabs.

Clockwise from top left- Dylan Schmidt lawnmower on coping –  Laurence Bakewell ally oop flair styles – Jacob DeAbru 1st place,  gets down to whip – Brad Beven nails an ice pick, finally.

Joondalup Huckfest 2010 official finals results

BMX duds 1st Berly Tanner – 2nd Ross Scaffidi – 3rd Joe Bothwell

BMX studs – 1st $600 Jacob DeAbreu – 2nd $400 Jay Wilson – 3rd $300 Dempsey – 4th $100 Laurence Bakewell – 5th $50 Dylan Schmidt – 6th $50 Andy