Toodyay International food festival


On Saturday 4th August with dark clouds in the sky the Freestyle Now bmx stunt squad hit up the Toodyay International Food Festival to entertain the masses with some bmx stunt shows. The weather was most unfavorable as the clouds had unleashed some rain in the early morning and there was rain forecast for the late afternoon. With a slight delay for the first show due to a bit of a rain shower during set up Freestyle Now squad members  David Pinelli, Dylan Schmidt, Shaun Jarvis and Tim Rose  proceeded to do what they do best, put on an entertaining bmx stunt show. At the commencement of the fourth show the clouds decided to let the rain go. All in all it was a good rad day, with the squad doing a few small coaching sessions at the new Toodyay skatepark in between shows.

Left – David Pinelli 360 no hander – Right – Dylan Schmidt back flip as the rain hit the last show of the day, check Tim Rose taking cover under the ramp.