Freestyle Now bmx stunt shows – Perth Royal Show day 7 and 8


The Freestyle Now bmx stunt squad were recently at the 2014 Perth Royal Show to perform some great entertaining bmx stunt shows. Over the 8 days of the Perth Royal show the squad of riders performed 16 bmx stunt shows, one show a day at lunch time and one show at night. The main arena of the Perth Royal Show came to life with controlled chaos as the Freestyle Now bmx stunt show threw down some amazing bmx stunts in conjunction with the ASP FMX team and Eljay motorbike trials team. It was just one large entertainment extravaganza. After 8 days the riders were a bit beat from all of the radness being unleashed but they were stoked to be able to perform in front of such large crowds every day. Make sure you check out our next bmx stunt show and keep up to date with all of our events on our coming events page. If you would like more information on bmx stunt shows or any other of our services then get in contact with Freestyle Now

Perth royal show 2014 day 7 David Pinelli 360 indian air seat grab - Freestyle Now

David Pinelli was on fire and this 360 indian air seat grad was just the start of his radness.

Perth royal show 2014 day 7 - freestyle now bmx stunt show

Clockwise from top left – Brady Thomas has the nac nac style on lock – Dylan Schmidt must have done over 30 flairs during the Perth Royal show – Ben Roberts turndown – Laurence Bakewell lets it whip two times.

Perth royal show 2014 day 7 Matt Adkins cannonball - Freestyle Now

Matt Adkins has the raddest cannonballs.

Perth royal show 2014 day 8 Dylan Schmidt boosts over Shaun Jarvis - Freestyle Now

Dylan Schmidt jumps over Shaun Jarvis

Perth royal show 2014 day 8 - freestyle now bmx stunt show

 Clockwise from top left – Matt Adkins is now collectively called Madkins and this flip fakie is one of the reasons why – Dylan Schmidt supermans over Shaun Jarvis – Brad Mas superman seat grab – Jacob DeAbrue wants to fly without hands.

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