Golden Bay skatepark competition – Round 20 Freestyle Now Western Australian Skatepark Series


Round 20 of the Freestyle Now Western Australian Skatepark Series was recently held at the Golden Bay skatepark thanks to the City of Rockingham. This was the final round of the 2014 series with the year end title being announced shortly. This completion was also an intake for the Rocky’s final fest that will be taking place in April 2015. The Rocky’s final fest is an invite only competition that competitors need to place in any of the Rockingham and Kwinana competition to earn invite. There was a great turn out at the competition in all division. A big thank you to our supporters Stowaway distribution, Sacrifice scooters and 4 skateboard Co and to the City of Rockingham.

Golden Bay skatepark competition – 29th November 2014 – Round 20 Freestyle Now Western Australian Skatepark Series – Official results

Girls – 1st Shani Garrod

Scooter beginners – 1st Kie Underdown, 2nd Conner Atkinson, 3rd Taylor Webb, 4th Daniel Gemmell, 5th Chris Kelly, 6th Shandon Ransfield, 7th Josh Woodall, 7th Kyle Carey, 9th Ben Galbis, 10th Daniel Marsella, 11th Daniel Gionta, 12th Conner Carey, 13th Talyn Galic, 14th Brayden McGlenchy, 15th Kalen Kazakoff, 16th Jay Lawler, 17th Arlen Manson, 18th Jacob Bolch, 19th Ethan Lillas, 20th Sam Higgs, 21st Harry Wooton, 22nd Jon Kelly, 23rd Riley Jones, 24th Brodie Donno, 25th Jamie Gaebler, 26th Corey Hacking, 27th Callum McGlenchy, 28th Seth Jorgensen.

Scooter advanced – 1st Liam Collins, 2nd Morgan Avery, 3rd Levi Mills, 4th Calymn Brandt, 5th Aden Lillas, 6th Ethan MacKenzie, 7th Jayden Denehy, 8th Dolton Hey, 9th Brendan Latta, 10th Robert Stevens.

Skateboard beginners – 1st Brodee Stevenson, 2nd Kaiden Barron, 3rd Chevy Carmody, 4th Sav Carmody, 5th Phin Carmody, 6th Banjo Stevenson, 7th Ethan MacKenzie, 8th Sam McGoven, 9th Aden Lillas, 10th Kie Underdown.

Skateboard advanced – 1st Nars Walker, 2nd Ryan Tuke, 3rd Luke Quinn, 4th Jake Beazley.

Bmx beginners – 1st Jayden Trethowen, 2nd Jesse Whitehead, 3rd Jack Carwardine, 4th Ty Rodgers, 5th Jesse Nelson, 6th Devon Baohm, 7th Ethan MacKenzie, 8th Chris Ogden, 9th Ethan Lillas.

Bmx advanced – 1st Laurence Bakewell, 2nd Dylan Schmidt, 3rd Brad South, 4th Regan Lothian, 5th Aden Lillas.