Freestyle Now – Beenleigh bmx competition


Freestyle Now recently hosted the first bmx competition at Beenleigh skatepark in many years. Beenleigh skatepark has had a long bmx history with lots of big competitions taking place there during the past 20 years. Lots of famous bmx pro riders starting out as little kids riding in these competitions, but over the last few years these competitions have stopped. To fill that void Freestyle Now set about to host a bmx competition there. What a day it was. With 5 categories, under 13’s, amateur and pro park as well as amateur and pro mini ramp to get through the day was going to be hectic. The few days before the competition the weather has not been favorable and many thought that the competition would not happen on the day. With blue skies abound on the morning of the competition it was hopeful, although the weatherman was saying something different. The competition was held in conjunction with a hotrod car show which brought people from all over to the day, a mix of bmxers and car enthusiasts were everywhere, a good turnout it was.

Freestyle Now Beenleigh competition 1st place pro Dylan Lewis

Dylan Lewis, higher, faster, radder, 1st place and $250 plus a plethora of prizes

First up was the under 13’s, and these young guns were ready to fire. Some amazing riding went down in this class with some big tricks, the future is coming up. The amateur class was waiting to hit it up next. The level that these guys were riding at it won’t be long until they are turning pro. Kurt Lewis took out the first with some good radness and plenty of use of the park. Young nervous first time competitor Jack Grey took out the 2nd, he was stoked, with nice big tricks like truck drivers and flairs. Third place was all Braydon Kitewho rode hard and did one of the crazy tricks of the day, a 270 super whip but the bike was vertical, it took 3 goes to get it but once done was a killer response from the large crowd.
The pro class was up next. With $250 up for first place and the boasting rights this was going to be a tight competition. Dylan Lewis took out the win to much of his amazement. At presentation time he was not there and we got him on the phone to tell him and he was stoked. He went higher than anyone else, used the entire park and has so much power his win did not come as a shock to the judges. Second went to Thomas Bridges, 4 points behind Dylan, who was throwing himself and bike around with flips over the spine and hitting many lines with good consistency. Brad Woodward took out the third with one point behind Thomas and one point ahead of Mike Ross in 4th. This was a hard competition to be a judge. Brad hit the ramps with confidence and consistency using as much as the park as he could, his 360 unturndowns were rad.
The mini ramp competition was about to start but first it was a weather check as the clouds were getting darker, with a look at the radar armageddon was going to happen. There is rain in them clouds someone said and they were right. No sooner had the call been made on not running the mini ramp comp the water started to come. With a quick reorganize of equipment it was presentation time under a small tent, this made for an interesting situation dude to the amount of product that our competition sponsors had put forward but we handled it in the best way possible.

Freestyle Now Beenleigh bmx competition pro class

Clockwise from top left – Pro – Thomas Bridges flips the spine to help him get the second place – Brad Woodward placed 3rd in pro park and did tricks like this lazy truckdriver over the bigger box – Mike Ross is boss, a mad nac nac looking back straight into the camera, 4th place – Dale O’Brien flip whips and took out 5th place, yes the pro class was a tough one.

Freestyle Now would like to thank the following companies and people for making the day so rad. Lee Kirkman for getting the park glass and rubbish free for the day. Colony BMX for the trophies and products, Nightfall Bike co, X rated helmets, Ethereal Clothing, Pumped Industries, Spent Clothing, Sweet ride bmx , Kandy Box clothing , 34R bmx company, South East Cycles in Beenleigh, GC compound, To the ladies who opened the Beenleigh bmx track canteen and supplied the power for the day and all the food for the spectators, Mark Schneider​ for the PA speaker, Nathan Philps​ and Ryan Cullen​ for judging and Anthony Fuller and the car club for organizing the car show, on the same day. And to the competitors who came and helped roll out the rad.

Freestyle Now Beenleigh bmx competition Amature class

Clockwise from top left –  Amateurs – First place getter Kurt Lewis foot plants the wall – Young Jack Grey flairs the roller quarter while the rain clouds gather, 2nd place – Braydon Kite gets this crazy on, 270 superwhip thingo and a 3rd place – Joshua Forshaw took out 4th place with moves like this tuck nohander.

Freestyle Now Beenleigh bmx competition under 13's

 Clockwise from top left – Under 13’s – Clay Drain firsts and flips – 2nd place Cooper Wilson transfers from the big box to the bigger box – Ashley Warburton getting loose and a 3rd – Young Will Fraser power wheelies over the tarbox and came in 4th.

More photos can be found on our Facebook page here.

Freestyle Now Beenleigh bmx competition – 29th August 2015 – Official results

Under 13’s Park – 1st Clay Drain, 2nd Cooper Wilson, 3rd Ashley Warburton, 4th Will Fraser, 5th Koby Drain, 6th Brayden Gallagher, 7th James McPhee.

Amateur Park – 1st Kurt Lewis, 2nd Jack Grey,3rd Braydon Kite, 4th Joshua Forshaw, 5th Connor Riley, 5th Jayde Kite, 7th Jakeb Dugdell, 8th Aaron Hawkins, 9th Mark Albert, 10Nick Hine, 11Nathan Hine

Pro Park – 1st Dylan Lewis, 2nd Thomas Bridges, 3rd Brad Woodward, 4th Mike Ross, 5th Dale O’Brien, 6th Clint Millar, 7th Jayden Fuller, 8th Chris James, 9th Reece Jones, 10th Lee Kirkman, 11th Jayden Stacey.