Freestyle Now bmx and skateboard stunt shows – Mandurah Crabfest – Raw video


Freestyle Now performed some bmx and skateboard stunt shows at the Mandurah Crabfest. We have compiled some of the video taken at the Mandurah Crabfest of the stunt shows and put it into one video for your viewing. Freestyle Now had a rad set up at the Mandurah Crabfest with the big halfpipe set up and the jump box right next to it. This allowed for some awesome transfers between the ramps. Freestyle Now squad members David Pinelli, Dylan Schmidt, Lee Kirkman and  Shaun Jarvis were joined by reserves squad members Matt Adkins and recruit member Jack Carwardine. Freestyle Now also invited skateboarders shredders Brendan Cross, Paul Bruno and Connor Harrington. It was two full days of rolling out the rad to the crowds at the Mandurah Crabfest. Freestyle Now performed some great entertaining bmx and skateboard stunt shows. Many rad tricks took place and the people were entertained. Make sure you check out our coming events page to see where the next Freestyle Now bmx stunt show will be going down. If you would like this type of great entertainment at your next event please get in contact with Freestyle Now with your requirements.

Freestyle Now rolled out the rad with some bmx and skateboard stunt shows at the Mandurah Crabfest.