Action Sports Games Returns to Mandurah for 2021


The 2021 Mandurah Mazda Action Sports Games presented by Drug Aware

The Action Sports Games has been a Western Australians premier action sports event for the past decade. First taking place in Mandurah, then moving to Bunbury and now it is back in Mandurah, one of the most fantastic settings in Western Australia for this type of event. Mandurah has some of WA’s best beaches, incredible inland waterways that are teeming with wildlife and a brand new epic skatepark just screaming for this type of event. Taking place over the weekend of 10th and 11th of April at Hall Park on the Mandurah Western Foreshore. The Mandurah Mazda Action Sports Games presented by Drug Aware is one weekend you don’t want to miss. The Mandurah Mazda Action Sports Games will be a combination of wakeboarding, freestyle motocross, skateboarding, BMX and scooter events into an action-packed weekend of extreme sports along with the Food Truck Festival and DJ’s keeping the good times rolling all day long. Have a look back to the 2020 Action Sports Games in Bunbury or the last time the Action Sports Games were in Mandurah in 2015


Over the two days the wakeboarding competition will be taking place on Mandjar Bay with freestyle motocross demos sprinkled in throughout the day. With a new skatepark freshly finished the skateboard, scooter and bmx competitions will defiantly be a highlight over the weekend with many top competitors all seeking to compete on such a rad skatepark for the over $4000 in prize money and prizes. With competitors able to enter a range of different classes form the young to the not so young including the pro class, who will be taking home some cash money on the day.

The skatepark action kicks off at 9am Saturday 10th April with the skateboard competition and then at 1:30pm the scooter competition kicks of running into the last afternoon. Sunday 11th April will be totally dedicated to the BMX competition. The full skatepark competition schedule and registration link is listed below so be sure to check it and then get registered. This is going to one epic weekend that you do not want to miss.

Headspace skateboard, scooter and BMX competition schedule

As part of the Mandurah Mazda Action Sports Games Freestyle Now will be hosting a skatepark competition for Skateboard, scooter and BMX competitors. There are many different classes for competitors to enter so be sure to check the information and schedules before you enter the competition.

Saturday 10th April – Skateboard 9am – 12:30pm  / Beginner, Intermediates, Girls / Ladies, Open, Pro

Saturday 10th April – Scooter 1:30pm – 8pm / Under 10’s, Girls / Ladies, Beginners, Intermediates, Open, Pro

Sunday 11th April – BMX 9am – 6pm / Under 10’s, Girls / Ladies, Beginners, Intermediates, Over 35’s, Over 45’s, Open, Pro

Mandurah Action Sports Games skatepark competition judging criteria
There are 3 judges that use the below judging criteria to award points according to the judging criteria
Skateboard competition is both run added together to form your total score. Highest points win
Scooter and BMX will be best run counts.

Difficulty. Best score possible from one judge – 20 points

  • Definition
    • Tricks that are difficult to execute
    • Technical tricks
    • Difficult lines within the park
    • Large gaps or high airs will also be taken into account

Diversity. Best score possible from one judge – 20 points

  • Definition
    • A run consisting of various types of tricks (grinds, stalls and airs)
    • Using the park to its full capability (tricking on as many obstacles as you can)
    • Using the park in ways that other competitors are not (original lines through the park or tricking parts of the park that no one is tricking.)
    • The more varied the run and the more obstacles ridden the higher the score.

Consistency. Best score possible from one judge – 20 points

  • Definition
    • A run that has been done without any feet touching by mistake or crashes.
    • Tricks done but not pulled smooth will also come into account with consistency points
    • The less touches or crashes and the smoother the run the higher the score the competitor will receive