Northampton agricultural show


On the weekend the Freestyle Now bmx stunt squad went to the Northampton agricultural show to throw down some bmx stunt performance’s. Like with every trip this one had a great story.

The squad had only got about 50kms from Perth when the transmission in the car decided to get a bit hot and start to overheat. So a quick stop into Muchea and up on the hoist got the problem solved. This gave Tim the right amount of time to remove his stitches that he received from the Brawlin at the Belmar comp earlier that week. The 500kms trip was not a smooth one with a massive head wind to slow them down and to suck the old gas tank dry. The squad were booked in to stay at the old convent in Northampton and arrived there about 4 hours later than expected.

Tim’s nothing

Left – David Pinelli – Right – Deebz and the girls

Show day came andas normal the Freestyle Now squad put on some awesome shows for the amazing crowds. A few of the Geraldton riders showed up and ex Geraldton locals Brad and the Pav man joined in with some of the demos. Again Dylan had his fan club of girls on location while Dave wished he had the blond locks Dylan has to get the girls. The locals of Northampton were really friendly and everyone had an awesome day. That night we were treated to an astounding meal at the Miners Arms pub and a big thanks to the publicans Sharon and Neville.

Left – Brad Beven – Right – The Pav man

Dave Pinelli and the locals

Come Sunday and the guys started the trip home, but  two skatepark stops had to be made along the way at Geraldton and Dongara. At Geraldton locals David and Shannon were rippin at the park. The stop at Dongara saw a stack of young locals who were well impressed with Deebz and Dave’s spine jumping ability.

Geraldton locals – Left – David trucks the hip – Right – Shannon boostin

Tim Rose at Geraldton – one footed 270 euro

 Dave Pinelli at Dongara was looking back while the locals looked forward

 Left – David Pinelli – Right – Deebz (Dylan) at Dongara

The Northampton show trip was awesome. Dylan finally got a nickname after being on the squad for well over a year and much fun was had by all. A 1000kms trip is always a great way to spend a weekend.