Kwinana freakfest competition


The competition was fierce at Kwinana on Saturday.

With a stack of scooter riders the comp got underway. With live music and some awesome action out on the skatepark a good day was had by all. BMX had the big tricks with Michael Pidgeon busting out a flip 540 tap.  Riders progress so fast now it aint funny. Thanks to every one who competed and had fun.

The official results

Scooter class – 1st Jesse Ballard – 2nd Dom Richards – 3rd Ben Ugle – 4th Mitch – 5th Corrie – 5th Jeremy G – 7th Dylan Lucas – 8th Cody – 9th David Van Herk – 10th Jonathan Desmond – 11th Brendan Bartley

Skateboard duds – 1st Eddie smith – 2nd Rin Hutcheson – 3rd Brendan Cross – 4th TJ Cross – 5th Matthew Foppa

Skateboard studs – 1st Jesse Ballard – 2nd Brad Morfit – 3rd Ryan Vanellestyn – 4th John Hardless

Bmx – 1st Michael  Pidgeon – 2nd Andy – 3rd Dan Hoey – 4th Scott Parkinson – 5th Ashley McDerment – 6th Aaron Pill – 7th Mark Willett