City of South Perth Fiesta competition results


The competition that went down at the recent City of South Perth Fiesta recreation expo was once again an awesome day. Competitors assaulted the Manning Skatepark early on the Saturday morning 6th of March. It was a hot day and an early start was a good idea. The best run of the day was from Brodie Yoemans who in his first run flaked it big time but pulled out all stops in run two with him throwing in trick after trick over everything. Thanks to Beyond Skate and Stowaway Distribution for helping out with some rad prizes

Official results from Manning competition 6th March 2010

Bmx – 1st Dylan Schmidt – 2nd Brodie Yeomans – 3rd Matt Doubikin

Skate  – Hayden Clark – 2nd David Ladams – 3rd Wade Johns

Scooter – 1st Zachary Hauser-Bates – 2nd Kevin Cole – 3rd Hayden Leggett