Kinross skatepark Saturday 27th February


The competition at Kinross skatepark on the Saturday 27th February was a hot competition. Not only was the action hot but the heat was intense. There was a good turnout of competitors who all were keen to compete to win prizes from Beyond Skate and Stowaway Distribution.

In the skate Dylan Tomlinson seemed to have a stack of tricks and power to flow but he just didn’t have to whole goods to take the win from Conner Harrington.

The scooter class it was all about the whips. Joseph Combe was looking like the favorite to win with a good set of tricks and flow but Christian Smith had the consistency to match the tricks for the win.

In the BMX dud class a little dude names Tom Ship crept all the way up to second but it was Jordan Merrifield who took out the win.

The BMX stud class went big. David young was taking on Sean Wood with a close placing but Sean Wood just had the bigger airs and transfers to take the win.

A big thanks you goes out to the Kinross residents association who spent the day cooking the free sausage sizzle and for giving way $30 to each of the following competitors for their impressive effort, David Young, Tom Ship and Brian Twomey

Official results from Kinross competition 27th February 2010

Skateboard – 1st Connor Harrington – 2nd Dylan Tomlinson – 3rd Joseph Coppen – 4th Daine Brown – 5th Regan Mason – 6th Noah Sutton

Scooter  – 1st Christian Smith – 2nd Joseph Combe – 3rd Liam Harrington – 4th Brandon Martian – 5th Andrew Davidson – 6th Brian Twomey

Bmx duds – 1st Jordan Merrifield – 2nd Tom Ship – 3rd Connor Ship – 4th Scott Mitchell – 5th Sam Bryant – 6th Liam McKay

Bmx Studs – 1st Sean Wood – 2nd David Young – 3rd Jake Martin – 4th Dom Williams – 5th Dylan Schmidt – 6th Rhys Eversen