The 2010 Perth Royal show


The Perth Royal show was eight packed days of excitement. So many good stunt shows took place with all the riders hitting trick after trick and the crowds were just so fantastic and loud and with that kind of combination the shows were just out right amazing.

Some of the highlights over the eight days include

  • Jessie Bull punching out some insane superman tailwhips.
  • Dave Pinelli dipping his 360 way too far to be normal.
  • Sebbi Scott getting his 180 on over the box jump.
  • Kie ejecting from a super high location in the sky to come out unscathed.
  • Mad staging area jam sessions of all kinds.
  • One of the grounds crew saying to the riders in the staging area “You kids get out of the way of the Ute”.
  • Warren Bowers throwing down bar spin to tuck no handers.
  • Tim Rose learning tuck no handers.
  • Shaun Jarvis almost having his head ripped off on the intro jumps as he lost count of how many riders were jumping over him.
  • Sebbi Scott bailing on a 180 only to ask if he had horse shit over his shirt as he could smell something.
  • Dylan Cruthers getting his no handed flips working to the crowd.
  • One rider spending $450 in first 3 days.
  • Kie ashworth and superman seat grabs.
  • Having over 5000 spectators witness bmx every day.
  • Getting a live cross for the Channel 9 weather report.
  • The after party at Royal bmx.

Click the thumbnails below to see larger images of the highlights


The 2010 Perth Royal show was as royal as you can get. Freestyle Now hopes to be back for 2011 to show case bmx in all its finest