Kalgoorlie skatepark competition


Over the weekend Freestyle Now hosted a competition in Kalgoorlie. The competition was part of the white ribbon day celebrations and there was a fantastic turn out in Kingsbury Park. The morning kicked off with market stalls and live music while the practice session was taking place on the skatepark. This gave the day a chilled vibe but then later in the afternoon when the bands and stalls were gone the skatepark got amped up to the maximum level with all the competitors smashing out the tricks. There was a good turnout of competitors and the level of skill is always getting pushed in Kalgoorlie.

Dean Bradshaw has been skating for a long time and it is really starting to show with tricks like his gap to board slide on the rail. With young dudes like Lachlan Brown busting out mad skills down the stairs, the Kalgoorlie skate scene seems to be well alive. Young scooter ripper Black Hicks is powerful and took that power to his aluminum apparatus and busted out some mad scooter style to win the stud class. There were a few bmx riders absent from the competition due to them being in Perth but that did not stop the amount of rawness that the riders punched out during the competition. Corey Smithies has the Kalgoorlie park dialed and it showed up in his second run. Nick Doutch was hesitant to enter but he was glad that he did, as he has progressed more than enough over the last few years to be breathing down Corey’s neck to take out the second place. It was good to see James McFarlane out in the competition. James has only been in Kalgoorlie for 3 weeks coming over from England for work as a geologist and having only received his bike a few day ago. All in all the competition went down awesome. A big thanks you to the City of Kalgoorlie Boulder and to White ribbon day. Props out to Stowaway distribution  , Mutts scooters   and 4 Skateboard co for the prizes support.

Kalgoorlie skatepark competition – November 27th 2010 – Official competition results

Scooter duds – 1st Ainsley O’Lochlan – 2nd Jack Aldrick – 3rd Tyler Wojtkiewicz – 4th Mathew Burke – 5th Jay Rees

Scooter studs – 1st Blake Hicks – 2nd Malte Bergmann – 3rd Justin Peterson – 4th Mark Collins – 5th Aydan Jordan – 6th Tyrone Drummond

Skateboard – 1st Dean Bradshaw – 2nd Jayden Pickering – 3rd Ethan Parker – 4th Josh Castle – 5th Reilly Fowler – 6th Lachlan Brown – 7th Lewis Inglis

Bmx – 1st Corey Smithies – 2nd Nick Doutch – 3rd Jye Curtain – 4th Reece – 5th James McFarlane – 6th James Hyder – 7th Dean Bidgood – 8th Dylan Pickering

Clockwise from top left – Corey Smithies tyre grab 270 over the well used hip – Dean Bradshaw throws a nollie flip down the stair set – Dean Bidgood throws some flair into his well solid run before ending with a front flip out of the bowl – Blake Hicks power whipping. (photos-Ben Moran)

Clockwise from top left – Phillip Marshall on the job – The locals, mad props yo – While in Kalgoorlie Freestyle Now squad member Phillip Marshall got to skate the historic pool – Shaun and Phillip making sure all the kings horses and all the kings men are not needed. (photos-Ben Moran)

If you would like to see more photos from the day the Kalgoorlie Boulder volunteer centre were on hand to snap a stack of photos. Check out their facebook page for the lowdown