Freestyle Now stunt squad – Day 8 – Perth Royal show


After 8 days 16 BMX stunt shows the Freestyle Now squad ended the Perth Royal show with a banger of a show. The lunch time show was full of tricks from the squad all smashing out some radness. The Night time show was off the hook. Riders were jumping all over the place with nonstop action. On ramp 1, Dylan Schmidt and Michael Bayzand did backflips side by side, crazy stuff with no room for error. On jump 2, Jake Greaves and Tim Rose almost touched front wheels when Tim went for a flip and while in the 180 upside down mode Jake was taking off, so close but excitement all round. Ramp 3 the action was non stop with Bradie Yoemans throwing down some of the best tyre grabs in the biz. At the end of the show the riders from ramps 2 and 3 all hit up ramp 2 in a train mode and kept going onto ramp 1 where all 15 riders hit the ramp in one nonstop long train. Epic. After all was done it was time to celebrate with Royal BMX hosting an after royal show party.

Freestyle Now would like to send a big thanks to all the riders who participated in the BMX demos at the 2011 Perth Royal Show. Without all of the riders shredding  like they did none of the insane action would have been happing. Props to you all.

Clockwise from top left – Hands in the air, Dylan Schmidt and Shaun Jarvis – Kie Ashworth and Shaun Jarvis – Michael Bayzand trying to fly like a bird – Tim Rose with only one foot on his bike.

Clockwise from top left – Michael Bayzand hits nothing in the air – Brad Mas alive and kicking – Tim Rose 360 turndown – After Royal show Royal party.