Freestyle Now stunt show at Blackwater


On the weekend of the 12th November the Freestyle Now stunt squad was engaged to perform at the Blackwater BMA Mine Christmas party. The Christmas party was a ripper for all of the workers and their families, entertainment, carnival rides, food and drink for all. The Christmas party was set next to the skatepark and the Freestyle Now squad put it to good use with some smashing bmx and skate demos. Squad members Phillip Marshall, Shaun Jarvis and Paul Chamberlain were there and they invited along for the weekend Brisbane skateboarder Pedro Day and Colony team bmxer Michal Bayzand to join them in some Christmas festivities. As always when Freestyle Now head to a location to perform the stunt shows every one get to have fun. The local bmx riders in town were also invited into the demos as they riders out there are shredders. A big shout out need to go to Hayley Daniels as well. Below are a few snaps from the Saturdays show.

Top, Phillip Marshall across the coping – Bottom left, Paul Chamberlain hitchhiking – Bottom right, Michael Bayzand icepick grinding.

Shaun Jarvis gets some flatland on with a backyard

Clockwise from top left – Michael Bayzand flipping out – Local dude Cody Pollard rips – Another local Dan Arthur whips the spine while a bird get a look from above – Pahau Milner is also a local and he got skills