Merredin Agricultural show 2013


Recently the Freestyle Now bmx stunt squad attended the Merredin Agricultural show for some bmx stunt show performances. The weather was perfect on the day with clear blue skies with the people of Merredin coming out to witness some great entertainment. There is nothing like a great country agricultural show, so make sure you find the next one in your area and get into it.

 Feet in the air, point the toes, straighten the knees, hold the position, take a photo. Shaun Jarvis Norie stand, Dylan Schmidt superman

Clockwise from top left – Tim Rose, one footer Xup – Dylan Schmidt over Shaun Jarvis Kie Ashworth, 360 table top – Dylan Schmidt mid double tailwhip.

Clockwise from top left – Dylan Schmidt whipping over Shaun Jarvis – Tim Rose get it flat at height – Kie Ashworth extending his arms – Tim Rose backflips