Shaun Jarvis Brisbane to Sydney road trip


Freestyle Now head honcho Shaun Jarvis recently spent a week on the east coast of Australia. We get the heads up on what went down, read on.

“Hey all just got back the other day from a rad road trip/holiday over on the east coast. It was a rad time on the road with David Pinelli. I headed to Brisbane on the Friday as we had some halfpipe shows rolling on the Sunday. It was good catching up with friends on Friday night. On Saturday I picked up David from the airport as he was flying in from Melbourne where he had spent some time there riding and competing in the FOXBMXPRO competition, where he took 10th place. Saturday afternoon we went and rode a few Brisbane parks. Sunday was an early start for the halfpipe shows but the day was rad. On Monday we headed to Ride On indoor park for a good session.

Brisbane to Sydney 1 August 2013Clockwise from top left – Shaun Jarvis at Ride On in Brisbane – David Pinelli foot jam the sub box at Tamworth skatepark – Shaun dub pegs the ledge at Tamworth – The big golden guitar in Tamworth.

David Pinelli truckdriver in TamworthDavid Pinelli hitting the jump box at Tamworth with a truck driver

Tuesday we started our trek to Mudgee to visit Billy Brooks. On the way we stopped at Warwick for a ride and Armidale before getting to Tamworth for sleep time. Leaving Armidale David was on the hotel scout via the net and we got side tracked and forgot to get petrol. With about 30kms on the petrol counter left we were hoping to make it to the next town, it was going to be really close. At 6pm we arrived at a very little town but the servo was shut. To petrol kms counter said 0kms to go so I know we were cutting it fine. Not knowing what to do we found the pub. In a little town like that everyone must know everyone and sure they would know the people who have the servo. Anyway we got a can full of petrol and went on our way to get fuel from the next town only a few Kms away. Made it to Tamworth, stayed the night and then headed to the Tamworth skatepark to get the gnar on. With our travel plan set via google maps, next stop was Mudgee. Following the path maps had laid out, we came to a gravel track to the mountains. An abrupt handbrakey in the gravel,(as you do) we had to double check that this was the way, it was, so up very slowly into the winding gravel road we went up. Great scenery.

Brisbane to Sydney 2 August 2013Clockwise from top left – Dinosaurs in Stanthorpe – David downwhip in Mudgee – Billy Brooks tyre sliding on home ground – Dave in Dubbo fullpipe/capsule carving over vert.

David Pinelli dip 360 over the spine in MudgeeDave, Dip and Da360 all start with D. Mudgee skatepark

Arriving in Mudgee we had a sick ride with Billy at his local park. It was so good to see his local and stay in the house of Bill. Thursday was more driving, as we were heading out to Dubbo to ride the full pipe and capsule. It was a 3 hour drive there and back, just to ride the park for 2 hours, makes you wonder sometimes what and why. What a sick bowl, it’s huge. On the way back to Mudgee we took in Wentworth and had a quick ride on their clover bowl. That was big. Friday it was cold, I said Friday was cold, yes Friday was a very cold day. It was the day we headed to Sydney. It was time to see Paul Chamberlain. Our first stop was Lithgow. Now that has a sick park. Rad bowl, smooth and with good flow, the rest of the park is also rad. A quick tourist stop at the Three Sisters in Katoomba was taken in before riding at Lawson skatepark and then a very cold ride at one of the smallest bowl set ups I’ve ever seen in Katoomba. They are about 2 foot deep. The main park in Katoomba is getting a makeover so we rode the small one instead with local Xave Koen. It was, as always rad fun.

Shaun Jarvis fast plant at MudgeeShaun Jarvis fastplant on Billy’s home turf

Brisbane to Sydney 3 August 2013Clockwise from top left – Dave handplant at Dubbo bowl – These two and the three sisters – Lawson park is good, Dave puts some fingers in the air – Dully park has good flow, Dave let it go with a table.

Arriving in Sydney about 7pm was traffic hectic. Greetings were given to Paul and wife Jen and two month old Beatrix before riding to Newtown for dinner and drinks. After the pub shut at 12 we went to another bar that was not much good. Paul really wanted to go into the city. With a simple trick of, “there is a chip shop just up here to get chips” we found ourselves in the city and at the Oprah House at 1:30am. A bit more riding, and back to Newtown for 2:30am. Then more riding back to Paul’s. It was one of the most fun times I’ve had in Sydney, just riding around and chilling. Friday was a massive long day for me with being awake for 22 hours it was good to get to sleep at 4am Saturday.

Brisbane to Sydney 4 August 2013Clockwise from top left – Shaun mid Hyde park session – Yes Shaun has a park named after him – Dave at monster park, large dipped Xup 360 – Five dock skatepark has a really old bowl, it’s crazy scary to ride, Shaun carving one of the walls.

After such a large day Saturday was a chill day, we had a chill ride at Paul’s local park Dulwich Hill, hung out at Hell on Wheels and then a ride at Hyde Park in the late arvo. Sunday after a very late breakfast we took in Bondi and then finished up at Five Dock skatepark. Monday was the last day, so it was off to Monster Park. David wanted to get his shred on and as usual shred he did, even with a sore back from sleeping on random floors, sofas and beds. We made it back to Paul’s just in time for him to get home from work and headed again to Dully (Dulwich Hill) for one more ride.

David Pinelli 360 nacnac seat grab at Monster ParkDavid Pinelli 360 nacnac seat grab at Monster Park.

The 12 days just went by so fast but it seemed that we were on the road for weeks. It’s kinda strange that for my holiday I did exactly what I do on any other weekend. Drive long distances, visit skateparks and have good times, sometimes I’m not sure where work and holiday start and finish. I got to visit many friends, ride new parks, see new things and enrich my life a bit more. No matter what, get yourself out of the box you’re in and travel, to a new spot, around your city, across your country or around the world. It’s the best education you can ever receive.”

Shaun Jarvis taybs at Dulwich HillShaun Jarvis last ride at Dulwich Hill in the snake run over the hip.

More photos from the trip can be found on facebook here.