Willetton skatepark competition – Round 14 Freestyle Now Western Australian Skatepark Series


Round 14 of the Freestyle Now Western Australian Skatepark Series went down at the Willetton Skatepark on the 11th of October. It was a crazy day that’s for sure, with 55 competitors and rain clouds abundant. First up was the scooter beginner class. As soon as all 29 competitors had finished the rain clouds we stoked and in appreciation they let out all of their rain. Then there was the false hope of everything drying up, on several occasions. After about 2 hours the rain had just eased off to a spit and then stopped all together. The park dried up and it was game on. The scooter advanced class was a treat to watch with Billy Watts having the massive home ground advantage and going higher and faster than anyone in the history of ever. Current F.N.W.A.S.S. point’s leader Jiordan Giacoppo took out the second place with his large tech skills and Josh Sharpe was smashing out the feeble grind combos on the ledge like it was nothing for the 3rd place.
It was good to see a good lot of young skaters there all keen to shred the gnar and patient to wait long enough for the park to dry up. Josh Coates and JJ Turno were both smashing to out in the advanced class.
BMX had a good turnout. Young 14 year old Matt Adkins will be a force to reckon with as he gets older and stronger. Great tech skills and able to stomp out some good tricks, helped him with the 1st place. Freestyle Now living legend Jason Parker enter his first skatepark competition in over 12 years. With his flavor of riding and all round goodness he took out the 2nd place. Third place went to Brad McAuliffe who rode like a champion.
All in all the competition was great. A big thanks to the City of Canning for their continual support for skatepark competitions and to our supporters Stowaway distribution, Sacrifice scooters and 4 skateboard Co for all the rad prizes.

Willetton skatepark competition october 2013

Clockwise from top left – Young Calymn Brandt is always a pleasure to watch ride, such a little shredder,  Jiordan Giacoppo gets his kickless rewind on, Matt Atkins took the 1st in advanced as well as taking his hands off during this fakie,  Josh Coates can skate, destroy and is good.
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Willetton skatepark competition – 11th October 2013 – Round 14 Freestyle Now Western Australian Skatepark Series – Official results

Scooter Beginner – 1st Tyran DeBeutz, 2nd Divan DeKlerk, 3rd Calymn Brandt, 4th Dian Go, 5th Brandon Black, 6th Jeandre Bartosh, 7th Peter Ververis, 8th Cameron Cole, 9th Kieran Ramsay, 10th Kya Nurse, 11th Riley McFadden, 12th Declan Brennand, 13th Reuben McGuire, 14th Fraser Jaffray, 15th Nicholas Komnick, 16th Jake Prince, 17th Aaron Thornton, 18th Tom Stanbury, 19th Theo McCrackin, 19th Patrick Redmond, 19th Michael White, 22nd Thomas Murphy, 22nd Flynn Davies, 24th Michael Caputo, 25th Jordan Cooper, 26th Owen Nolan, 27th Jasper Murphy, 28th Fin Dennis, 29th Oliver Rosie.

Scooter Advanced – 1st Billy Watts, 2nd Jiordan Giacoppo, 3rd Josh Sharpe, 4th Daniel Howlett, 5th Tyler Marinovic, 6th Aden Lillas.

Skateboard Beginner – 1st Samuel Brown, 2nd Aden Lillas, 3rd Isaak Kelsall.

Skateboard Advanced – 1st Josh Coates, 2nd JJ Turno, 3rd Evan Brown, 4th Luke Quinn.

BMX Beginner – 1st Blake Burton, 2nd Nathan Male, 3rd Pat Terry, 4th Jack Burgin, 5th Matt Mcarthy, 6th Thomas Corkhill, 7th Jonathan Cooper, 8th Tim Fitzsimons.

BMX Advanced – 1st Matt Adkins, 2nd Jason Parker, 3rd Brad McAuliffe, 4th Blake Chenue, 5th Koen Fowler.