Armadale skatepark competition


In the months of November and December Freestyle Now hosted a series of coaching workshops at the Armadale skatepark thanks to the City of Armadale. To cap of the coaching session a small competition was held on the 13th of December. The locals are progressing really well and the coaching sessions are creating a great positive outlook on the towns plaza style skatepark.

Armadale skatepark competition december 2013

Left – Neilson Bruning has come along way in the past 12 months, working up to shredding capabilities is high on his list – Right John Manning rides scooter and bmx both well, this stylish cancan lookback combination was a killa. More photos from the competition can be found on our facebook page here.

Armadale skatepark competition – 13th December 2013 – Official results

Scooter Beginner – 1st Talyn Galic, 2nd Connor Brunt

Scooter Advanced – 1st Daniel Price, 2nd John Manning, 3rd Josh Bettridge, 4th Dion Mitchell, 5th Khyle Fairman

Skateboard – 1st Ethan Young, 2nd Shaun Musgrave

BMX Beginner – 1st Ethan Gallantino, 2nd Conor Mitchell, 3rd David Rudd, 4th Josh Williams

BMX Advanced – 1st Neilson Bruning, 2nd John Manning, 3rd Joel Bruning