Kie Ashworth update


Freestyle Now squad member Kie Ashworth is truly an Australian legend. His ability on a bike is amazing, it’s like watching water flowing down a stream, so smooth and fluid. Kie has been on the Freestyle Now squad roster for 9 years now, we are proud to have him repping. Kie spends his time now working to earn enough money to go traveling. This is his passion to travel with his bike and ride. Kie is living the bmx lifestyle. Recently Kie took a rather large fall from a rail and ended up with a bad shoulder injury and a few months off his bike. As soon as he was given the all clear from the doctors he was back at it and riding hard. His first call out, straight back from injury was to icepick chink the top of the buoy at the Fremantle skatepark. We caught up with Kie earlier this week to capture his radness. Kie also send in a few words so read on and then proceed to be inspired. Go check out Kie profile page and scope out his bike set up and some of his videos.

Kie Ashworth Icepick chink the bouy at Fremantle Skatepark August 2014

“I want to icepick chink the top of the buoy” – Kie Ashworth. After a few goes the buoy rings with the help of Kie’s peg.

“So after doing my AC joint in my left shoulder it has been like 3 months in a sling. Was a long recovery for me but finally have had the all clear to return to normal again just taking it easy on the shoulder, have been back at the gym doing light weights and trying to get full range of movement back.. Since that it feels that recovery has become faster which is good.. So I have been riding again for a couple weeks now, can still count how many rides I’ve had on one hand but none the less it’s been amazing to be back on the bike and I couldn’t be happier. So far some sessions are cut short as the left arm starts to give way but it won’t be long until that’s back to par.. Pretty excited to get back to some work and start doing some trips again. The time off has definitely sparked some motivation for me and I’m just all round happy to be back on a bike.” 

Kie Ashworth lookback the hip at Fremantle Skatepark August 2014

Kie clicks a lookback at the new Fremantle skatepark bowl hip.