Kwinana skatepark competition – Round 2 Freestyle Now Western Australian Skatepark Series


Round 2 of the Freestyle Now Western Australian Skatepark Series took place at a packed out Kwinana skatepark. It was a large night. With a record number of competitors in all disciplines, scooter, skate and bmx its rad to see so many people enjoying some good skatepark activity. The Kwinana skatepark has been there for a few years now with the old metal halfpipes being at least 17 years old, it is a highly underrated skatepark. The layout is good with many different lines and obstacles to be used. The skatepark was put to good use on the Friday night competition.
Jiordan Giacoppo was on fire in the scooter advanced class with speed and large tricks, his inward up the stair gap to bars out was one of the high lights, Brandon Black tried hard but a 2nd was all he could take but not from the lack of trying, good halfpipe runs for sure. Wade France took out the 3rd place with some good lines through the park. Skate advance was awesome, Brendon Cross took out the first place and took home a new skate deck as well as nailing an ally-oop 270 grab over the transition hips, was crazy. Young Zac Clinkers showed up, skated well, kept his board under his feet well over his 2 minutes of skatepark run and took home the 2nd place for doing so. Mason Brown  took home the 3rd place and was stoked to skate the Kwinana skatepark for his first time. BMX advanced was all about madkins. Matt Adkins hit the big tricks and took the win, back flip fakies, cannonballs and flairs were just some of his radness. Mitchell Pianto took out the 2nd place with a solid run of park lines and radness all mixed together. Young Regan Lothian took out the 3rd place, stoked to see him do the stair gap into the bank.
All up the Kwinana competition was nothing short of rad. Good vibe all round with some great competition going on. Lots of competitors went home with a prize product thanks to our supporters Local BMX, Sacrifice scooters and 4 skateboard Co . A big thank you to Arbie and Russell from the Kwinana youth zone for all the good work and to the City of Kwinana.

Freestyle now Kwinana skatepark competition february 2015 - Matt Adkins flip fakie

Matt Adkins is not call Madkins for nothing, awesome flip to fakie at the end of his last run.

Freestyle now Kwinana skatepark competition february 2015 skate scooter bmx

Clockwise from top left – Brendon Cross skates wide open – Dylan Van Pudua wants to fly – Jack Carwardine is progressing at bmx really well. Lookback over the hip to a 1st in beginners – Brandon Black hits the rail and proceeds to take 2nd place.

Kwinana skatepark competition – 13th February 2015 – Round 2 Freestyle Now Western Australian Skatepark Series – Official results

Girls – 1st Mikayla Michel, 2nd Stefany Bilick, 3rd Skyla Ryan

Scooter beginners – 1st Brody Groth, 2nd Kie Underdown, 3rd Ben Gulbis, 4th Luka Barjaktar, 5th Connor Atkinson, 6th Taylor Webb, 7th Chris Kelly, 8th Ryan Larkan, 9th Zac Montgomery, 10th Seth James, 11th Zac Bilick, 12th Connor Carey, 13th Jay Lawler, 14th Jon Kelly, 14th Cooper Bennett, 16th Dolan Kelly, 16th William Larkan, 18th Jack Willis, 19th Marko Barjaktar, 19th Michael Ryan, 21st Anthony Ricetti, 21st Bodhi Fitzpatrick, 23rd Brandon Ryan, 24th Ruben Blakey

Scooter advanced – 1st Jiordan Giacoppo, 2nd Brandon Black, 3rd Wade France, 4th Dylan Van Pudua, 5th David Lowery, 6th Caleb Pratt, 7th Levi Mills, 8th Ethan Mackenzie, 9th Talyn Galic, 10th Jacob Hodson

Skateboard beginners – 1st Brody Innes, 2nd Liam James, 3rd Ryan Rigg, 4th Cody Nahirny

Skateboard advanced – 1st Brendon Cross, 2nd Zac Clinkers, 3rd Mason Brown, 4th Josh Birtwistle, 5th David Robinson

Bmx beginners – 1st Jack Carwardine, 2nd Connor D’evelynes, 3rd Jesse Whitehead, 4th Jaden Coleman, 5th Jesse Nelson, 6th Carlo Scenini, 7th Cooper Morrow, 8th Bailey Jokic, 9th Brett Hart, 10th Cooper Bennett, 11th Ryan Larkan, 12th Dylan Hautapu

Bmx advanced – 1st Matt Adkins, 2nd Mitchell Pianto, 3rd Regan Lothian, 4th Kyle Cusack

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