Welcome to the Freestyle now recruits squad – Ethan Rowland


Freestyle Now would like to welcome young Ethan Rowland onto the Freestyle Now recruits squad. 12 ½ year old Ethan has been riding scooters for about 3 years and is a total shredder. Last year Ethan took the 1st place in the Freestyle Now Western Australian Skatepark Series in the intermediate class and made to move to the open class for 2018. He is currently sitting at the top of the point’s ladder in the open class for the 2018 series. Freestyle Now has been rolling out the rad since 1986 and started out with only 3 squad members and over the last 32 years many people have come and gone but one thing has always remained and that is the need for our squad members to always be wanting to roll out the rad. Be sure to check Ethan’s profile out on our recruits squad page here. Welcome to the recruits Ethan.

Ethan at the recent Collie skatepark competition

The Freestyle Now recruits squad is designed to teach young radsters about how a sponsorship works. So many young shredders say they want to be sponsored but none really understand what then means. Sponsorship is a two way deal, the rider promotes the brand, and the brand helps the rider. Too many young guns think that they just get product and that’s it, they don’t understand how the sponsorship treadmill works. For Freestyle Now, the recruit’s squad is the chance to help out young shredders but also to help them educate others what sponsorship is all about. Every young radster must start somewhere. The recruits is just that place. Younger shredders who show the potential to roll out the rad, being inclusive, show the potential to be good role models and the ability to progress up the ladder of radness, one day could become a full Freestyle Now squad member