Banksia Grove skatepark competition bmx scooter skateboard


Banksia Grove has recently had a new skatepark opened up and Freestyle Now hosted a bmx, scooter and skateboard skatepark competition on the opening day. It was a good turnout of competitors with many spectators coming out to watch the action on the skatepark. Many competitors went home with great prizes. A big thank you to the City of Wanneroo for their support and also to our supporters Kickass BMXThe 4 skateboard companyModus BearingsGrit scooter. Our next skatepark competition takes place on the 9th January 2019 at the Ellenbrook skatepark so be sure to check our coming events page for more info.

Everyone likes to get prizes. The stoke is high. The Banksia Grove skatepark competition had lots of prizes to give out to the competitors in BMX, scooter and skateboard classes. When Freestyle Now hosts a skatepark competition we let the winners choose their own prizes from the prize products on offer. Then we let all competitors come up and pick their prize in order of placing until all the prizes are gone. In many cases even 10th place receives a prize.

Banksia Grove skatepark competition – 27th October 2018 – Official results

Scooter beginner – 1st Casey Spritling, 2nd Jake Crompton, 3rd William Percell, 4th Caylen Percell, 5th Jorja Cranberry, 6th Mac Gibson, 7th Asah Cranberry, 8th Xavier Furness, 9th Xavier Frost.

Scooter intermediate – 1st Jarrod Loyid, 2nd Benjamin Capper, 3rd Lochie Morris, 4th Jakob Stockdale, 5th Jacob Rovsvell, 6th Jayden Hani, 7th Aden Morris.

Scooter Open – 1st Tyler Jennings, 2nd Sam Num, 3rd Bailey McCormick, 4th Cameron Lindsay.

Skateboard beginner – 1st Avier Furness.

Skateboard intermediate – 1st Lachlan Berg, 2nd Noah Fernardaz, 3rd Ollie lane

BMX beginner – 1st Campbell Wilson, 2nd Angus Lewis, Kacey Harrey, 4th Chris Walker.

BMX intermediate – 1st Callum Sharpe, 2nd Jeremy Wilson, 3rd Taj Hamilton.

BMX open – 1st Jay Roadley, 2nd Daniel Davis, 3rd Jack Carwardine 4th Nick Therealmorgs.