Bunbury skatepark scooter competition – October 2022


The new Bunbury skatepark recently hosted its first scooter competition, and it was a huge success. In the morning before the skatepark competition Freestyle Now held a series of skatepark coaching sessions to help build skills and gain confidence to skatepark users. The scooter competition drew riders from all over the region, even as far as Perth, who gathered to showcase their skills and compete for prizes. The competition featured beginner, intermediate and open categories. The judges were impressed by the level of skill displayed by the participants, many of whom had been practicing relentlessly in preparation for the event. Spectators were amazed as riders flipped and spun their scooters in the air, landing perfect tricks every time. The energy and excitement in the air was obvious, and the crowd cheered on their favorite riders with enthusiasm. Aside from the competition, the event also featured food trucks and other activities for spectators. Families and friends gathered to enjoy the day, and the atmosphere was fun and lively.

The Bunbury Skatepark, which was recently opened to the public, proved to be the perfect venue for the competition. Its state-of-the-art facilities and a variety of obstacles, provided ample space for riders to showcase their skills. Overall, the Bunbury Skatepark Scooter Competition was a huge success, and it is hoped to have a return for 2023. Keep up to date with all of our events on our coming events web page here.

Clockwise from top left – Jaxon Baker is progressing really well with their skills and took a 1st in the beginner class at Bunbury, consistency is key. – Lucus Lenane had the diversity to just take the win in the intermediate class. – Damian Van powering a kickless over the bank to bank hip in the open class to take the 1st place. – Jayce Blakers wont be in the intermediate class for long, hes getting really good really quick. – More photos can be found on our Facebook page here

 Bunbury skatepark scooter competition 7th October – official results

Open – 1st Damian Van, 2nd Jobe Lee, 3rd Cody Pearson, 4th Max Power

Intermediate – 1st Lucas Lenane, 2nd Jayce Blakers, 3rd Liam Camilleri, 4th Ashton Watson, 5th Keon Himiond, 6th Sabian Marshallsay, 7th Jack Brown

Beginners – 1st Jaxon Baker, 2nd Nash Young, 3rd RJ Marshall, 4th Jordan Duane, 5th Jonathan Maiwald, 6th James Davis, 7th Tyler Hayes, 8th Archer Cocking, 9th Max Allen, 10th Cruze Payne, 11th Mahlia Bell, 11th Addison Hall, 11th Maddie Bone, 14th Cooper Hopley, 15th Calais Blakers, 16th Lily Shaddick