Bunbury Rollerskate competition – October 2022


The new Bunbury skatepark hosted its first rollerskate competition, and it was a thrilling event focused solely on the big bowl. Skaters from all over the region gathered to showcase their skills and compete for prizes, and the female skaters particularly shone with their incredible talent and sportsmanship. The competition was held exclusively in the big bowl and featured beginner and open categories for different skill levels. The judges were impressed by the level of talent displayed by all of the participants, but the female skaters particularly stood out, demonstrating their strength, agility, and grace on the roller skates. The highlight of the competition was seeing the open class throw down some amazing skills and tricks in the big bowl. Spectators were amazed as they glided and spun their roller skates in the air, landing perfect tricks every time. The energy and excitement in the air was so good as everyone was super supportive of each other and the crowd cheered on their favorite skaters with enthusiasm. Aside from the competition, the event also featured food trucks and other activities for spectators. Families and friends gathered to enjoy the day, and the atmosphere was fun and lively. The brand new Bunbury Skatepark, which was recently opened to the public, proved to be the perfect venue for the competition with its great design had ample space for skaters to showcase their skills. Overall, the Bunbury Skatepark rollerskate competition was a huge success. Freestyle Now hope to return to Bunbury to host another rollerskate skatepark competition in the near future.  Keep up to date with all of our events on our coming events web page here

Clockwise from top left – Millie Wright was one of the young beginners at the Bunbury rollerskate competition keen to push the limits. – Sarah Connor dropping into the Bunbury bowl for the very first time while her daughter yells support and her husband documents the radness with photos. – Chloe Pizzuto pops out of the bowl and jumps into a manual, super hard and technical. – Sasha Burg was making everything look easy with great flow and good airs. – More photos can be found on our Facebook page here

 Bunbury Rollerskate skatepark Competition 8th October 2022 – final results

Open – 1st Brayden Taylor, 2nd Sasha Beurg, 3rd Chloe Pizzuto, 4th Sara Mcintosh

Beginner – 1st Sophie Connor, 2nd Lillie Hinchy, 3rd Bonnie Cameron, 4th Sarah Connor, 5th Millie Wright, 6th Ruby House