Shaun Jarvis Melbourne and Adelaide Skatepark Sessions


We’re excited to share the latest adventures of Freestyle Now co-founder and CEO, Shaun Jarvis. Shaun recently embarked on an exciting journey to Melbourne and Adelaide for Freestyle Now BMX stunt shows. In between show locations and while traveling, Shaun made the most of his time by exploring some epic skateparks. The resulting video showcases the essence of each skatepark and the exhilarating thrill of BMX riding. Shaun’s passion for the sport and his infectious enthusiasm for pushing his boundaries on two wheels shine through every frame. It’s an epic display of body, bike, and skatepark interaction. At Freestyle Now, we continue to push the limits of BMX and spread the stoke of action sports. With Shaun Jarvis as our fearless leader, inspiring us all with his boundless enthusiasm and love for freestyle riding, we are all driven to push our boundaries and be the best we can be. Shaun’s journey from Melbourne to Adelaide and beyond is a testament to the vibrant spirit of Freestyle Now. Join us as we continue to push our own boundaries and keep the stoke alive. Let’s all roll out the rad into the future together, embracing the passion that fuels us all.