2023 Groundswell Grind Skateboard Bowl Competition




The 2023 Groundswell Grind Skateboard Bowl Competition left an indelible positive mark on the Western Australian skating scene. Held at the iconic Scarborough beach bowl, the event drew skateboarders from across the region to throw down in the biggest bowl in Australia. The Groundswell Grind Skateboard Bowl Competition took over the Scarborough Beach bowl delivering an exhilarating display of skill and style. The bowl became a canvas for skateboarders of all ages and levels, showcasing an impressive array of tricks, slides, grinds and airs.
With categories for 9 years and under, 12 years and under, 16 years and under and the open class in both men’s and women’s along with the masters class for riders over 40 years there was a spot for all competitors. The open men’s and women’s class shared in a prize purse of $3000 both fostered inclusivity and diversity.
The competition was part of the Groundswell festival supported by the City of Stirling and was a major feature over the festival’s weekend programme. Competition support also came from Modus BearingsPanda skateboardsDC shoesAikenheads skateboardsSneaky WholefoodsMaple Road skateboards and Red Dragon skateboards
Throughout the day, the bowl reverberated with the sounds of excitement and appreciation from all the wicked airs, kickflips, and indie grabs as skateboarders pushed the boundaries of gravity. Standout moments included Mia Krezter landing her first 540 in a competition in the open women’s category and Adam Pacynko flawless 1st run in the finals, clinching the first place in open men’s with massive airs and handplants. Both Mia and Adam won their 1st place by one point, the competition was tight. It was also super rad to see Indigo Dale and Jessica Louw competing in both the skateboard and surf competitions at Groundswell festival. Indigo took the 3rd in skateboard women’s open and the 3rd in the beginners surfing competition while Jessica took the 5th in skateboard women’s open and the 3rd in women’s open surf.

Mia Kretzer on the way to winning the women’s open class at Groundswell Grind by just one point. Watch out future Mia is coming through.

Adam Pacynko returned from living in England back to the sunny shores of Scarborough and took the win in the men’s open class.

The event radiated a sense of community, with skaters supporting each other, exchanging smiles, and celebrating the shared passion for skateboarding. Under the perfect Australian sun, participants from diverse backgrounds came together to create a memorable day filled with good vibes and exceptional skateboarding sessions.
Freestyle Now extends its gratitude to the sponsors, participants, and the vibrant skate community for making the Groundswell Grind an unforgettable success. Until the next session, keep rolling, keep shredding, and keep the stoke alive!  The competition was so rad and this highlights video shows just a fraction of the awesome that every skater was bringing to the event. Every run was a testament to the diverse skill set within the skating community. The camaraderie among skaters created an atmosphere that resonated with the true spirit of skateboarding culture.
The echoes of wheels on concrete, the cheers from the crowd, and the unforgettable moments of the competition reverberate through the skating community, leaving everyone eagerly anticipating the next chapter of the Groundswell Grind Skateboard Bowl Competition. See you in 2024.

Clockwise from top left – Cruz Evens floating over the deep on their way to second in the men’s open class. – RJ Barbaro has so much power rolling through the Scarborough bowl, its amazing to watch, third in men’s open. – Hailee Roberts lives at the Scarborough bowl, their progress skating the bowl has been great to see over the pas few years. Second in women’s open. – Otis Sienkewitz won the means 12 years and under, so much style. – More photos can be found on our Facebook page here.

Groundswell Grind official results – 8th October 2023

Women’s Open – 1st Mia Kretzer, 2nd Hailee Roberts, 3rd Indigo Dale, 4th Emily Palmer, 5th Jessica Louw

Men’s Open – 1st Adam Pacynko, 2nd Cruz Evans, 3rd Robert-James Barbaro. 4th Vai Evans, 5th Jake Smith, 6th Mathew Brazier, 7th Jack Schofield

Men’s 16 years and under – 1st Locky O’brien, 2nd Miles Harding

Women’s 12 years and under – 1st Tayah Payne, 2nd Madison Brown, 3rd Zara Jones, 4th Lalita Perroni, 5th Sienna Jones

Men’s 12 years and under – 1st Otis Sienkewitz, 2nd Zen Evans, 3rd Yuuki, 4th Liam Davie

Women’s 9 years and under – 1st Lea Tomolowicz, 2nd Pepper Connolly, 3rd Asha Jones

Men’s 9 years and under – 1st Jake Turnbull, 2nd Logan Tomolowicz, 3rd Niccolo Subhas

Masters – 1st Junior Linke, 2nd Jeff Parker, 3rd Jeremy Watkins