Groundswell Festival Rail Jam 2023 Unleashes Epic Tricks at Scarborough Beach Skatepark


The 2023 Groundswell festival Rail Jam took Scarborough Beach Skatepark by storm, and it was a spectacle of action sports to behold! With three adrenaline-packed jams spread across Saturday afternoon, BMX, scooter, and skateboard riders threw down their most insane tricks, competing in the Animal Bikes BMX Rail Jam, the Core/Grit Scooters Scooter Rail Jam, and the Modus Bearing Skateboard Rail Jam.
This was no ordinary competition; it was a technical showdown where riders showcased their skills on rails and stairs. The loose format added an element of spontaneity, allowed for creativity and kept the audience on the edge of their seats. With a 40-minute timeframe, competitors had the chance to unleash their best tricks, hoping to set a bar that no one else could surpass with the winner taking home $200 cash.
BMX, scooter, and skateboard riders went head-to-head within their respective disciplines, each determined to dominate the rail with their unmatched skills. The format was simple – send the best trick down or over the rail or stair. It was a back-and-forth battle of skills, with each competitor attempting to outdo the other. The rapid succession of tricks kept the energy high as riders threw down their best moves, hoping to leave an indelible mark on the judges. The rail remained alive with the rhythmic sounds of wheels, decks, and pedals against steel.
As the clock ticked away, the competition intensified. In the end, there could only be one final winner – the rider who would shut down the rail with the most awe-inspiring trick. The winners of the 2023 Groundswell Rail Jam were BMX: Alex Haim, Scooter: Koby Green, Skateboard: Luke Bourke.
The Groundswell Rail Jam was a showcase of the immense talent within Perth’s action sports community. Some of Perth’s best riders graced the rail, sending it with mind-bending tricks that left the crowd in disbelief. The rail became a canvas for their creativity, and the tricks were nothing short of crazy. Freestyle Now is stoked to have been part of this epic event, and we extend our thanks to everyone who made it possible. Until the next jam, keep rolling, shredding, and pushing the limits!


Ryan Aquilina rode the rail hard at the Groundswell Festival Animal Bikes rail jam. Double pegs up to Xup.



Ian from Brazil with a inward from the uprail at the Groundswell festival Core / Grit scooters rail jam.



The skaters smashed it hard at the Groundswell Festival Modus Bearings skateboard rail jam.