Dylan Schmidt – update


Dylan Schmidt  has been a member of the Freestyle Now squad since 2008. Then he was a 13 year old energetic kid that was good at doing superman jumps. Now some 7 years later he still an energetic kid that can superman jumps. He recently went to Melbourne for a few days to get prepared for the Action Sports Games taking place this weekend.

“On Monday the 2nd of March me and a good mate Jacob flew over to Melbourne for a riding holiday! We arrived at Rampfest and went way to hard the first day and woke up in the morning like a brick, I defiantly went to hard the first ride. But the next day we met up with an old Perth local, Brad Mas. He picked us up and took us to strictly BMX shop. That shop is so sick, I defiantly recommend if you’re in Melbourne go drop in and see the boys. After that, we took off to St Kilda skatepark for a roll at brads local. The park is on the beach which is a dope environment to ride in, with everyone walking past watching and taking photos. Then we packed up and set off to Rampfest again. 30 minutes into the session Jacob crashed a flair barspin and head butted his handle bars and split top and bottom lips. Next stop was hospital to check up on his mouth. The next day we went to culture kings, oh man oh man I fell in love. They had every style and colour of hat. After spending a few hours admiring the shop we set off to Rampfest for another progression session. I had one of my best rides and ended up meeting up with Jake Wallwork, a Rampfest local. To end the day I tried back flip no hander the box jump and came up short and ended up with a face full of wood. That ended our trip in Melbourne. I had a sick time and can’t wait to return hopefully sooner than later. Peace out homies!”

Dylan Schmidt Melbourne rampfest March 2015 - Freestyle Now

Dylan Schmidt with some no handers at Rampfest