Freestyle Now – Comet Bay College – school assembly presentation


When you put in the effort you get to see the reward.

Ben Thomas and Dylan Schmidt put in the effort to get this double flair for the year 9’s at Comet Bay College.

Freestyle Now was invited to attend the Comet Bay College and host a school assembly presentation. The focus of the presentation was “E for effort” Freestyle Now squad members Shaun Jarvis, Dylan Schmidt and Ben Thomas and recruits squad member Karee Funeyvall were also joined by good friend Brendon Cross to show the students how putting in effort into your life can give you positive rewards. Being involved in BMX, Scooter and skateboarding required you to put in effort to learn new tricks. Sometimes these tricks can be an easy learn and not requiring too much effort and sometimes the tricks require so much effort to reach the goal of achievement. Landing a new trick after putting in so much effort is an amazing feeling. Learning new tricks and putting in effort is the same principle in all parts of your life. If you want something you need to put in the effort to get the reward.

Brendon Cross flying, hitting up the gap from spine to small flat bank


Freestyle Now did four sessions, each to the years 7, 8, 9 and 10. During the school assembly presentation Freestyle Now performed lots of different BMX, scooter and skateboard tricks on the portable Freestyle Now ramps. Then at the mid way point Shaun Jarvis spoke to the students about how putting in effort give you the rewards you are seeking. Shaun also spoke about how putting effort into being kind has lots of positive effects to help have a kinder more accepting world. Some people don’t put effort into relating to other people which is a shame. Treating others with courtesy and respect also take effort. The students were encouraged to ask questions, with Shaun and the other Freestyle Now riders giving back some great answers on why they got into skateboarding, scooters and BMX. After discussion time it was back to rolling out the rad and letting the students see how putting in the effort in gets you the rewards you are seeking.

During the day there was a free period after lunch where a select number of students got to interact with the Freestyle now riders in a more personal way, hanging out, talking about life experience and how their efforts have given them rewards like contest success, international travel and great life memories. Positive role models with a positive message.

If you would like this type school presentation at your school please get in contact with Freestyle Now with your requirements.

Dylan Schmidt back flips the spine for the Comet Bay College presentation.

The Freestyle Now team came to Comet Bay College to present at our Year Group Assemblies, doing both a stunt show and a presentation.  Their presentation tapped into the school’s key message for Term 2, ‘E for Effort’, and the professional BMX, skateboard and scooter riders showcased many impressive skills to students.  Shaun Jarvis did an excellent job of connecting with and engaging our students. We appreciated Freestyle Now’s flexibility, professionalism and ability to deliver a key school message in a fresh and unique way.  The Freestyle Now team were also more than willing to talk with students during recess and lunch, and feedback from both staff and students about the event was overwhelmingly positive.  All students left the presentation with the message that working hard, whilst considering others, is the key to achieving dreams.
Tristan Abbott – Dean of Positive Culture Team – Comet Bay College