Freestyle Now bmx stunt show – Geraldton Sunshine Festival


Freestyle Now headed to Geraldton to perform some bmx stunt shows at the 2018 Geraldton Sunshine festival. Freestyle Now squad members Shaun Jarvis, Dylan Schmidt, David Pinelli and Matt Adkins all performed some amazing bmx stunts throughout the day. The crowds at the Geraldton Sunshine festival were amazing, with every show having great numbers of spectators all coming to see the radical bmx stunt show that Freestyle Now were performing. The Freestyle now squad members worked the crowd with some of the most amazing bmx stunts that they had seen, Dylan Schmidt with his superman tailwhips, David Pinelli was doing 360 variations on every jump, Matt Adkins front flipping and Shaun Jarvis risking it by being jumped over while balancing on his bike on top of the jump ramp. Freestyle Now performed some great entertaining bmx stunt shows with many rad tricks taking place.
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David Pinelli in one of this 360’s as he jumps over Shaun Jarvis with Dylan Schmidt getting set up to jump over as well. Freestyle Now really put on a great entertaining show at the Grealdton Sunshine Festival

Have a watch of one of the 6 bmx stunt shows that Freestyle Now performed at the 2018 Geraldton Sunshine festival. Check out our YouTube channel for more of our videos.

Clockwise from top left – David Pinelli not doing a 360 just to change it up a bit – Dylan Schmidt jumps over Shaun Jarvis with one hand as if it was nothing, the crowd goes wild – David Pinelli flairs as Shaun Jarvis balances, professionalism is paramount at Freestyle Now stunt shows, Matt Adkins mid front flip, a crowd favorite. More photos can be found on our Facebook page here.