Bassendean skatepark skateboard, scooter and BMX skatepark competition – February 2021


Freestyle Now hosted another skateboard, scooter and BMX skatepark competition at the Bassendean skatepark. This one was a long time coming. The last skatepark competition at Bassendean skatepark was in 2019 and there was one planned in 2020 but bad weather stopped it from taking place and before it could be rescheduled covid restrictions came in. So it was great to host another competition at Bassendean thanks to the Bassendean youth services, Always supporting the skatepark. As always there was a great turnout for the Bassendean skatepark competition with a good number of competitors spread over the three disciplines. Again a big thank you to Bassendean youth services and out supporters Grit Scooter , 4 skateboard co and Colony BMX. Be sure to check our coming events page for more information on all of our coming events. A full list of all the competitions that Freestyle Now has hosted can be found on the past competitions page here.

 Clockwise from top left – Cory Van Dam taking 1st place in the open scooters. – Amos Hadad took the win in the open skateboard class. – It was good to see Freja Iburg at Bassendean, she is progressing well and took 4th in the intermediates scooter class. – Ryan Aqulina has probably been riding this skatepark since it was built, he has been riding for at least 20 years. He took 1st place in open bmx. – More photos can be found on our facebook page here.

Bassendean skatepark competition 27th February 2021 – Official results

Competitor’s points are listed after their name

Scooter beginner – 1st Jayce Blakers 64, 2nd Bianca Martin 61, 3rd Felix Curran Ragan 58, 4th Rory Wright 56, 5th Noah Allison 55, 6th Jayden Hunter 54, 7th Zac Martin 50, 8th Fiona Krasnoff 48, 9th Luna Surianingrat 46, 10th Tsuguma Ando 45, 11th Calais Blakers 44, 12th Channing Radcliffe 43, 13th Lyon Surianingrat 42

Scooter intermediate – 1st Josh Schniereh 196, 2nd Hayden Brewer 176, 3rd Tobi Iburg 170, 4th Freja Iburg 167, 5th Oisín Hunt 155, 6th Billy Suthlerland 150, 7th Riley Duggan-Smith 132, 8th Roman DePiazzi 118

Scooter open – 1st Corey Van Dam 303, 2nd Tyler Jennings 292, 3rd Xander Bailey 140, 4th Ben Vua 137

Skateboard beginner – 1st Kenzo Coogan 61, 2nd Ringo Coogan 59, 3rd Anthony Scaffidi 57, 4th Sol Evans 56, 5th Mason Clark 55, 6th Rory Wright 49, 7th Jayce Blakers 46, 8th Fiona Krasnoff 44, 8th Luna Surianingrat 44, 10th Cassian Meakins 35

Skateboard open – 1st Amos Hadad 261, 2nd Damo Boulton 238, 3rd Wesley Kidd 236, 4th Arnoald Pearce 235, 5th Che Millington 212

BMX beginner – 1st Zac Cicanese 57, 2nd Jayce Blakers 56, 3rd Callum Duff 54, 4th Billy Sutheland 52, 5th Bianca Martin 50, 6th Fiona Krasnoff 47, 7th James Macdonald 42

BMX intermediate – 1st Jesse McEwen 174, 2nd Albie Livesley 164, 3rd Roman Depiazzi 149, 4th Wyatt Murphy 146

BMX open – 1st Ryan Aquilina 308, 2nd Luke Tooze 289, 3rd Steven Heuer 273, 4th Tyler Jennings 269, 5th Jack Carwardine 266