2021 Western Australian BMX freestyle state championships


On a fine sunny 13th Day of December 2021 many BMX riders descended onto the Bayswater skatepark to partake in the finals of the 2021 Western Australian BMX freestyle state championships. The day was fantastic and well attended by participants and spectators. A great display of BMX freestyle skills was put on by the participants. Currently Western Australia is the only state that is holding BMX freestyle state championships and this being the 3rd one with 2019 and 2020 held prior. The competition at Bayswater was the finals in a 3 competition series. Round 1 was held at the Mandurah Action Sports Games in May and round 2 at the Groundswell festival Zambrero BMX bowl battle in October. Points were awarded to competitors at each of these competitions with the rider with the highest points taking the 1st place and claiming the state champion title. Round 1 and the finals were an even points round with round 2 being an odd points round. Check the  table at the bottom of the post to see the final results and placings.

On the day of the competition there was a riders choice vote for the most improved rider, the raddest rider and future Olympian. Over the course of the year many riders deemed it to be Jake Welhan who has improved the most so he got to claim the medal for that. Well done Jake, your one footer tabletops are the raddest. Ruby Rose Welhan was the third competitor to roll out on the day and midway through her first run took a massive slam of cross bar to the mouth, blood was all over the place as she had really given her lip a trauma of great proportion. After some first aid and ice everyone was shocked to see her out there ready for her second run. This act of radness was definitely the key factor on her winning the raddest rider medallion by riders vote. Well done Ruby Rose, see you at the next competition. It was without a doubt that Bianca Martin won the future Olympian medal. We saw that coming right from the get go. Let hope that the riders vote come true and your determination and radness pays off and Bianca represents Australia in the 2032 Olympics.

Congratulations to all the competitors and BMX appreciated your support. Remember the more you attend competitions the more BMX grows.

Clockwise from top left – Ryan Aquilina took the state championship title. He grew up riding Bayswater skatepark and knows the park better than anyone. his lines and flow were so rad to watch. This boost in the horseshoe is way rad. – Roman Riches-Depiazzi is progressing with his tricks well and and consistency is growing. Sending a tailwhip of the beast is a combination of both. 1st in intermediates and winner of the state championship title. – Ruby Rose Whelhan just before her cross bar slammed into her face, but she was ready for her next run and won the riders vote for the raddest rider – Over 50 year old Gareth Evens jumping the beast on his way to 4th in the over 35’s.

Clockwise from top left – Ray Houghton entered the over 35’s class and won the championship. – Albie Livesley rode in the under 10’s and beginners and blasted high airs in both. He went home as state champion in both. Albie will be moving up to the intermediate class for 2022. – The future Olympian Bianca Martin is the 2021 girls champion and also place 2nd overall in the under 10’s and beginners. Her determination is what future Olympians require. – Jack Quinlan is the youngest competitor at age 5 and he powers through the skatepark like a seasoned professional. Thanks for supporting BMX Jack.

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2021 Western Australian BMX freestyle state championships – 12th December 2021.

Final round official results – Competition points follow name

Girls – 1st Bianca Martin 46, 2nd Fiona Krasnoff 29, 3rd Ruby Rose Welhan 28

Under 10’s

Qualifying – 1st Albie Livesley 50, 2nd Jayce Blakers 48, 3rd Bianca Martin 45, 4th Samuel Evens 39, 5th Judd Howard 38, 6th Jack Quinlan 37, 7th Brody Brown 37, 8th Levi Brown 37, 9th Fiona Krasnoff 31, 10th RJ Marshall 30.

Finals – 1st Bianca Martin 60, 2nd Albie Livesley 57, 3rd Judd Howard 51, 4th Jayce Blakers 49, 5th Samuel Evens 44.


Qualifying – 1st Albie Livesley 51, 2nd Jayce Blakers 46, 3rd Bianca Martin 41, 4th Brenton Waddingham 40, 5th Liam Miller 39, 6th Levi Brown 38, 7th Hamish Cordiner Sumpton 36, 8th Judd Howard 36, 9th Samuel Evens 35, 10th RJ Marshall 35, 11th Gavin Penny 34, 12th Jack Quinlan 33, 13th Matt Pagonis 33, 14th Zavier Morrison 30, 15th Oscar Staples 29.

Finals – 1st Albie Livesley 55, 2nd Bianca Martin 54, 3rd Jayce Blakers 53, 4th Liam Miller 50, 5th Brenton Waddingham 46, 6th Levi Brown 46.

Intermediate – 1st Roman Riches-Depiazzi 57, 2nd Jake Welhan 54, 3rd Nathan Wilson 47, 4th Nic Thyes 35.

Over 35’s – 1st Ray Houghton 47, 2nd Cory Brown 41, 3rd Shaun Jarvis 40, 4th Gareth Evens 32, 5th Jayden Blakers 28, 6th Chris Marshall 23

Opens – 1st Ryan Aquilina 74, 2nd Michael Pidgeon 64, 3rd Jack Hooper 63

Riders vote – Most improved rider – Jake Welhan, The Raddest rider – Ruby Rose Welhan, Future Olympian – Bianca Martin

The 2021 state champions – Under 10’s – Albie Livesley (only just after a run off for the year end title with Bianca Martin, both were on equal year end points). Girls – Bianca Martin. Intermediates – Roman Riches-Depiazzi. Opens – Ryan Aquilina

Western Australian BMX freestyle state championships round 3 place getters under 10’s

Western Australian BMX freestyle state championships round 3 place getters girls

Western Australian BMX freestyle state championships round 3 place getters beginners

Western Australian BMX freestyle state championships round 3 place getters intermediates

Western Australian BMX freestyle state championships round 3 place getters over 35’s

Western Australian BMX freestyle state championships round 3 place getters open class.

Bianca Martin and her medal collection – Girls 1st, Under 10’s 1st, Beginners 2nd, Riders vote for future Olympian, 2021 girls champion