Balga skatepark festival – scooter skateboard bmx skatepark competition – January 2022


Freestyle Now hosted the first skatepark competition at the new Balga skatepark. It was a well attended event despite the 40c heat. Competitors were told to stay hydrated and apply sunscreen, a 30 minute maximum warm up and two sixty second runs meant they were not out in the heat for long. Sure it was a hot day but nothing can stop the radness from being rolled out. There was a great turn out of competitors in all the divisions. The structure of the skatepark competition was to have the scooter competition first, announce the results and present prizes, then the skateboard competition and finally the BMX competition. This format worked really well over the course of the day. There was so many prizes at this competition that all competitors took home a prize and in some cases two or three prizes. A big thank you goes to the City of Stirling for all their support on this competition

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Clockwise from top left – Spencer Park 1st in scooter under 10’s – Brodie Paehenua winning the beginner scooter class – Hayden Brewer took the 1st place in scooter intermediate – Oben McHoull sends a inward down the stair on the way to win the open class. More photos can be found on our Facebook page here

Clockwise from top left – Tayah Payne won the 9 years and under skateboard competition – Archie Anning is super consistent and could have placed well in the open class, 1st in 12 years and under class – Rudy Selvies travel from way down south to compete at the Balga comp and took hope the 1st palace in the 15 years and under – Daniel Aubrey had the flow and the tricks locked in to win the open class. More photos can be found on our Facebook page here

Clockwise form top left – Bianca Martin won the under 10’s – Brenten Waddingham took home a 1st place in the beginner BMX competition – Roman Depiazzi will be winning the open class very soon, for now he won the intermediates – Jeremy Wilson crooked grind and a win in the Elite class. More photos can be found on our Facebook page here


Balga skatepark competition 22nd January 2022 – Official results (points after name)

Scooter under 10’s – 1st Spencer Park 64, 2nd Calais Blakers 52

Scooter beginner – 1st Brodie Paehenua 69, 2nd Blake Denny 68, 3rd Brenten Waddingham 52, 4th Gavin Penny 45

Scooter intermediate – 1st Hayden Brewer 93, 2nd Freja Iburg 91, 3rd Nataha Tanner 90, 4th Lucas Lenane 87, 5th Jayce Blakers 85, 6th Hamish Larsen 80, 7th Josh Atkison 61

Scooter open – 1st Oben McHoull 111, 2nd Jeremy Clowry 103, 3rd Andy Tran 92, 4th Joshua Davies 82


Skateboard 9 years and under – 1st Tayah Payne 77, 2nd Mason Clark 76, 3rd Rogue Day 70, 4th Illay Godfrey 69, 5th Harlow Clark 68, 6th Pepper Connolly 65, 7th Kasper Godfrey 62,  8th Rosie Connolly 60.

Skateboard 12 years and under – 1st Archie Anning 98, 2nd Hailee Roberts 88, 3rd Ryleigh Richardson 83, 4th Nate Stewart 82, 5th Kaden Stewart 81, 6th Locky Obrien 80, 7th Khoi Nguyen 79, 8th Miles Harding 70, 9th Xavier Moreno 62

Skateboard 15 years and under – 1st Rudy Selvies 96, 2nd Rolly Moore 85, 3rd Zayle-Bay Straigh 79, 4th Jake Smith 77, 5th Rio Gray 67, 6th Dominic Bereezuai 55, 7th Kieran Treasure 55, 8th Ryan Green 50

Skateboard open – 1st Daniel Aubrey 100, 2nd Jake Smith 82, 3rd Claudia Duane 75, 4th Boadie Meldrum 71, 5th Khai Nielsen 69, 6th Amos Hadad 68, 7th Damien Hume 64, 8th Archie Butterworth 64


BMX under 10’s – 1st Bianca Martin 75, 2nd Jayce Blakers 68, 3rd Brody Brown 65, 4th Dusty Obrien 57, 5th Calais Blakers 55

BMX beginner – 1st Brenten Waddingham 74, 2nd Samual Evans 72, 3rd Ilay Godfrey 67, 4th Locky Obrien 61, 5th Gavin Penny 57

BMX intermediate – 1st Roman Depiazzi

BMX open – 1st Jeremy Wilson 116, 2nd Jack Carwardine 107, 3rd Jack Hooper 103