Bunbury BMX competition – Round 2 Western Australian BMX freestyle State Championships


The second round of the Western Australian BMX Freestyle State Championships took place at the Bunbury Skatepark, and it was a huge success. The skatepark competition attracted a great attendance in all divisions, including under 10’s, beginners, intermediates, and opens. The competitors showcased their skills and put on a great show for the enthusiastic crowd.

In the opens division, Dylan Schmidt took home the first-place trophy. He impressed the judges with his technical skills and daring tricks, including some impressive air maneuvers. In the intermediate division, Ronan Mcamish was declared the winner. He wowed the crowd with his smooth style and creative approach to the course.

In the beginners division, Bianca Martin came out on top. She showed that she had the skills and the courage to tackle the course, and the judges were impressed by her progression throughout the day. In the under 10’s division, Jayce Blakers was the winner, demonstrating that the youngest competitors had plenty of talent and enthusiasm.

The BMX freestyle event showcased the diversity of the sport, with riders from all backgrounds and skill levels competing. Ryan Aquilina was particularly impressive, hitting the large Bunbury rail to a great amount of noise from the crowds. The energy and excitement in the air was palpable, and the crowd cheered on their favorite riders with enthusiasm.

The Bunbury Skatepark was the perfect venue for the skatepark competition, and the City of Bunbury was instrumental in making the event a success. The state-of-the-art facilities, including the large half-pipe, rails, and other obstacles, provided ample space for the riders to showcase their skills.

Overall, the Western Australian BMX Freestyle State Championships round 2 at the Bunbury Skatepark was a huge success for the skatepark competition community, and the riders are already looking forward to next year’s event. The event showcased the best of the sport, with riders of all skill levels coming together to compete and push their limits. If you’re a fan of BMX freestyle or skatepark competition, or just love extreme sports, be sure to mark your calendars for next year’s event in Bunbury. You won’t want to miss it! Keep up to date with all of Freestyle Now events and check out our coming events web page here.

Clockwise from top left – Jayce Blakers is getting really good really quick, 1st in under 10’s – Bianca Martin took home the 1st place in the beginners with solind moves like this 360 – Ronan Mcamish has the best no handers around as well at the 1st place in intermediates – It called freestyle so make some freestyle moves, Jeremy Mills surfer mid run and a 3rd place in intermediates

Clockwise from top left – Jack Carwardine tucks it in and sends the hands off over the ledges, 5th in open class – Ryan Aquilina hit this massive rail a few time during his run, everyone there was stoked to see it happen, a 2nd place in open class – Roman Depiazzi truck driving the spine to a 4th in open class – It was great to see Luke Paydo at the competition and riding exceptionally well. Luke took some time away from BMX and it was good to see him back at it. – More photos can be found on our Facebook page here


Bunbury skatepark BMX competition 8th October – official results

Open 1st Dylan Schmidt, 2nd Ryan Aquilina, 3rd Brandon Johns, 4th Roman Depiazzi, 5th Jack Carwardine, 5th Luke Paydo, 7th Lewis Johnston, 8th John Graham, 9th Gump

Intermediate – 1st Ronan Mcamish, 2nd Zak Hagardy, 3rd Jeremy Mills, 4th Nathan Wilson, 5th Taj Hamilton, 6th Cooper Hiscox

Beginners – 1st Bianca Martin, 2nd Max Nietrzeda, 3rd Jacob Reed, 4th Jack Brown, 5th Adison Mashell, 6th Tristan Duncan, 7th Lochlan Neill, 8th Louie Wright

Under 10’s – 1st Jayce Blakers, 2nd Samuel Evans, 3rd Ryder Schmidt, 4th Calais Blakers, 5th William Smith, 6th Hardy