Mount Lawley Primary school presentation – riding to school is important


Riding to school is important for your physical and mental health.

Freestyle Now squad members Kareece Furneyvall and Shaun Jarvis recently attended Mount Lawley Primary School for a BMX and scooter school presentation. The presentation focused on the importance of riding to school, being active, and wearing your helmet.

Kareece and Shaun are both experienced riders, and they shared their passion for BMX and scootering with the students. They talked about the benefits of riding to school, including the exercise and fresh air that students can get by riding instead of being driven. They also stressed the importance of wearing a helmet to stay safe while riding.

The presentation was a hit with the students, who were excited to see Kareece and Shaun perform some BMX and scooter tricks in the small assembly area. The duo demonstrated some impressive moves, which had the students cheering and clapping.

The message of the presentation was clear: riding to school is a fun and healthy way to start the day, but it’s important to do it safely. Kareece and Shaun emphasized the importance of wearing a helmet, and they encouraged the students to make sure that they have the right gear before they hit the road.

The Mount Lawley Primary School presentation was just one of many that Freestyle Now has conducted over the years. Freestyle Now is committed to promoting the benefits of BMX and scootering, and they work hard to encourage young people to get involved in these fun and exciting sports.

Overall, the BMX and scooter school presentation at Mount Lawley Primary School was a great success. The students had a blast watching Kareece and Shaun perform, and they learned some valuable lessons about staying safe while riding. If you’re a student, parent or teacher and you would like Freestyle Now to visit your school please get in contact.