Mandurah Skatepark Competition April 2023 – Uniting Skateboarders, Scooter Riders, and BMX Enthusiasts in a Thrilling Showcase


The Mandurah skatepark came alive with excitement as skateboarders, scooter riders, and BMX enthusiasts converged for an unforgettable skatepark competition that showcased their impressive skills and fostered a sense of camaraderie among participants. Supported by the City of Mandurah, this thrilling event highlighted the diversity and talent within the action sports community, with equal representation across all disciplines. Competitors took on the challenge of both the small bowl and the street course, as their two runs were combined to determine their overall scores. This format allowed for a comprehensive display of each athlete’s abilities across different skatepark features.

Clockwise from top left – Jake Baggetta has been progressing well, taking home first place in scooter open class. – Alex Gauder throwing a boneless off the box in the street section of the park, and winning second place in skateboard intermediate. – Alex Giovenco threw some sweet 360’s and it was good to see him landing first place in intermediate BMX. – Locky O’brien shredding the small bowl and winning the skateboard open class. – More Mandurah skatepark competition photos can be found on our Facebook page here

In the skateboarding division, the presence of female competitors, ranging from young to experienced, added an inspiring element to the event. Lauran Brown displayed her passion and skill, breaking age barriers and setting an example for others. Dusty O’Brien made his competition debut, joining his brother Locky in the open class, and showcased his overcoming of nerves to embrace the competition atmosphere. All skateboarders demonstrated technical finesse, fearlessness, and executed jaw-dropping tricks, smooth transitions, and stylish grinds, captivating both the judges and the spectators. Scooter riders unleashed a flurry of dynamic maneuvers, captivating onlookers with their spins, flips, and aerial acrobatics. Their agility, creativity, and precise control over their scooters were on full display as they navigated through the park’s ramps and obstacles with ease, leaving the audience in awe. The BMX competition saw the enthusiastic participation of younger riders, many of whom were experiencing their first taste of competitive action. Their eagerness and determination were commendable, and their progression was evident as they confidently rolled and pushed their limits. Alex Giovenco’s victory in the intermediate class highlighted his growth and dedication to the sport, setting a positive example for others.

The City of Mandurah’s unwavering support for the competition underscored its commitment to fostering an inclusive action sports community. Participants of all ages and skill levels were welcomed, creating an environment filled with support, encouragement, and an overwhelming sense of community. Families and friends turned out in large numbers, demonstrating their enthusiasm and adding to the vibrant atmosphere. The equal representation across all disciplines emphasized the inclusivity and unity within the Mandurah skatepark competition, showcasing the growing empowerment and recognition of action sports. The event served as an inspiration for the next generation of riders, breaking barriers and encouraging their participation. Freestyle Now extends its heartfelt gratitude to the City of Mandurah for their generous support in making the skatepark competition a resounding success. Their dedication to nurturing local talent and creating a positive environment for action sports has made a lasting impact on the participants and the wider community. The Mandurah skatepark competition stands as a remarkable celebration of thrilling action sports, uniting skateboarders, scooter riders, and BMX enthusiasts in a vibrant showcase of talent, camaraderie, and community spirit. Be sure to check our coming events page for more information on future competitions and other events and you can also look back on all of the past competitions on the past competition page here. 

Mandurah skatepark competition official results – 17th April 2023

Scooter beginner – 1st Taj Phanupen, 2nd Blake Ferguson, 3rd Alex Giovenco, 4th Douglas Nelmes, 5th Jaxon Baker, 6th Leo Nelmes, 7th Harrison Kearley, 8th Zack Ballantyne, 9th Allison Brice, 10th Maxwell Brice, 11th Luke Thornber, 12th Patricia Brice

Scooter intermediate – 1st Dylan Maclean, 2nd Kai Blyth, 3rd Lochlan Yeats, 4th Zaine Hall, 5th Kai Phanupen, 6th Mackinley Gregson, 7th Brandon Phanupen, 8th Mikayla Thornber

Scooter open – 1st Jake Baggetta, 2nd Moses Waitere

Skateboard beginner – 1st Sophia Stahlhut, 2nd Alice Stahlhut, 3rd Kira Stewart, 4th Lani Herold, 5th Laura Brown, 6th Scarlett Harrington, 7th Grace O’Brien, 8th Hunter O’Brien

Skateboard intermediate – 1st Madison Brown, 2nd Alex Gauder, 3rd Arya Powell, 4th Zara Jones, 5th Kasper Godfrey, 6th Ilay Godfrey

Skateboard open – 1st Locky O’brien, 2nd Dusty O’brien 

BMX beginner – 1st Jaxon Baker, 2nd Dylan Maclean, 3rd Mikayla Thornber, 4th Ilay Godfrey, 5th Zack Ballantyne, 6th Harrison Kearley, 7th Luke Thomas, 8th Luke Thornber, 9th Will Sain, 10th Maxwell Brice, 11th West Sain, 12th Allison Brice, 13th Patricia Brice

BMX intermediate – 1st Alex Giovenco, 2nd Cooper Bennett, 3rd Jeremy Wilson