Freestyle Now Inspires students at Tasmanian schools with BMX and Scooter Presentations


“If we can do tricks on bikes and scooters then anything you set your mind to achieve, you can do”

Freestyle Now has recently wrapped up an inspiring series of BMX and scooter presentations at several Tasmanian schools, leaving students in awe and motivated to pursue their passions. The team visited Strahan, Queenstown, Zeehan, and Rosebury, where they brought excitement and important life lessons to the young audience. The school presentations, led by the talented riders Shaun Jarvis, Matt Cerovolo, and Cooper Wilson, focused on key themes of resilience, perseverance, dedication, motivation, and inspiration. With gripping personal stories and spectacular freestyle skills on display, the riders connected with students on a profound level. During the engaging sessions, the riders shared their own experiences of facing challenges and setbacks, emphasizing the importance of resilience and the drive to never give up on their dreams. By demonstrating the power of perseverance and dedication, the Freestyle Now team instilled a sense of empowerment in the young minds, encouraging them to overcome obstacles and stay committed to their goals. The motivational presentations also shed light on the importance of finding passion and motivation in life. Shaun, Matt, and Cooper passionately spoke about how their love for BMX and scootering has been a driving force in their achievements, showcasing how having something they truly care about can lead to incredible accomplishments.

In addition to the school presentations, Freestyle Now hosted an electrifying skatepark jam at Rosebury skatepark, which brought together BMX and scooter enthusiasts from the region. The event showcased the incredible talents of the riders and allowed students to witness firsthand the results of resilience, perseverance, dedication, motivation, and inspiration in action. 


Shaun Jarvis had this to say about the journey “We had an amazing time sharing our passion with the students at Strahan, Mountain Heights (Queenstown), Zeehan, and Rosbury schools. It’s always rewarding to see the impact our stories and tricks have on young minds. We hope to inspire them to never stop pursuing their dreams and to find motivation in whatever they are passionate about. If we can do tricks on bikes and scooters then anything you set your mind to achieve, you can do”

The entire Freestyle Now team was thrilled with the positive response they received from the schools and communities. The tour’s impact on the students and their outlook on life was evident, as they left the presentations with newfound determination and excitement for their future endeavors. Freestyle Now expresses gratitude to the schools and the Tasmanian communities for their warm welcome and support. We also need to give big thanks to Rosebery Neighbourhood House for making it all happen. The team looks forward to returning in the future to continue inspiring young hearts and minds with the power of resilience, perseverance, dedication, motivation, and inspiration. 

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Clockwise from top left – getting the students to ask questions is very important for them, asking questions is all about learning. –  The students were thrilled to have Cooper jump over Mr Dean at the Zeehan primary school. It was a wet day so we did the presentation inside the small school hall. – Matt Cerovolo answering the question about tricks and showing how the trick looks moving them in slow motion. – Shaun showing his balance skills. Anything is possible if you put in the time to achieve your goals. More photos can be found on our Facebook page here.