Freestyle Now BMX Stunt Show Shines Through Rain at St Kilda FlameFest in Victoria


Freestyle Now, Australia’s leading BMX stunt show, brought a torrent of excitement to the St Kilda Flamefest in Victoria. The two-day event was ignited by the breathtaking performances from our professional BMX stunt riders. Leading the squad at flamefest was the remarkable Shaun Jarvis, known for his precision and style but also brought his incredible mic skills to the show and hyped up the crowd. Shaun knows how to get the crowd hyped which was proven once again at flamefest. Victorian state BMX freestyle champion Cooper Willson’s went super high and showed his exceptional riding skills, earning applause for his impressive feats like his massive 360’s. Adding an international flair to the show it was great to have Colombian BMX rider Robin Meza with his dynamic riding style and massive Indian airs. Robin also has claimed the record for 6 bar spins over the jump, in the wet, 3 onto the top of the ramp, 1 on top of the ramp and 2 dropping into the landing. Incredible skill. BMX legend Andrew Ahumada rounded out the list of performers displaying his unmatched expertise and fearless riding.

Robin Meza showcasing a massive Indian air during the Friday night performance, before the rain came for the Saturday night shows.

As well as Freestyle Now’s awesome BMX riders, Flamefest also hosted some great fire shows and fire cannons drawing the crowd to witness fire breathers and performers. These fire performers played a jaw-dropping part in the stunt show as they performed fire tricks while riders flipped and jumped over them and the fire with no fear. The St Kilda Flamefest, despite the challenging weather, provided the perfect canvas for Freestyle Now’s BMX stunt show. Even as the rain fell, spectators gathered to witness the spectacle. The combination of high-flying maneuvers, technical skill, and unwavering determination created a performance that captured the spirit of resilience and determination. The crowd’s engagement with the show was sensational as the louder the crowd got, the bigger the tricks were. 


The BMX stunt show was a testament to the passion and dedication that Freestyle Now offers. When it started to rain and the ground got soaked it didn’t stop the show! Larger tricks were limited but Freestyle Now still delivered a fantastic performance proving no matter the conditions, Freestyle Now BMX riders will always give it their all and adapt to the conditions to deliver a great show. Freestyle Now is honored to have participated in the St Kilda Flamefest, demonstrating the power of action sports to thrive in adverse conditions. Our commitment to promoting action sports and showcasing the incredible talent of our riders was on full display, rain or shine.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to the organizers of the St Kilda Flamefest for inviting Freestyle Now to be a part of this exceptional event. Their dedication to providing top-tier entertainment for the community is truly commendable. If you missed the Freestyle Now BMX stunt show at the St Kilda Flamefest, you missed an extraordinary display of skill and determination. But don’t worry, you can catch us at upcoming events across Australia. Keep an eye on our coming events page for updates on our event schedule.

Clockwise from top left – Cooper Wilson sent a massive backflip over one of Flamefest’s fire performers. – Andrew Ahumada getting some air with a suicide no hander. – Robin Meza did not let the rain stop him as he performed a tail whip into the wet ramp. – Andrew Ahumada lastly with a sick 360 tail whip. – More photos can be found on our Facebook page here.

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Whether you’re an action sports enthusiast, an event organizer, or a school seeking to engage and inspire your students, Freestyle Now is your go-to for unforgettable BMX stunt shows. Our performances combine high-energy entertainment with exceptional athleticism, captivating audiences of all ages, rain or shine.