Freestyle Now BMX Show Wows the Crowds at Gidgegannup Agricultural Show


Freestyle Now once again took center stage at the Gidgegannup Agricultural Show, delivering a high-energy BMX stunt show that left the crowds in awe. The stellar lineup featured Freestyle Now regulars Luke Tooze, Jack Carwardine, and Taj Hamilton, joined by the Victorian rider sensation, Cooper Wilson. The riders showcased their skills with a dynamic mix of gravity-defying stunts, jaw-dropping tricks, and flawless execution. The Gidgegannup Agricultural Show proved to be the perfect backdrop for Freestyle Now’s BMX mastery, with each rider contributing to an unforgettable performance. Luke Tooze, known for his precision and style, alongside Jack Carwardine and Taj Hamilton, brought their A-game to the arena. Cooper Wilson, hailing from Victoria, added a unique flair to the show, impressing the audience with his impressive tricks and smooth riding style. The synergy between the riders and the engaged audience created an electric atmosphere, making the Gidgegannup Agricultural Show a standout event. The Freestyle Now BMX show continues to captivate audiences, showcasing the thrill and excitement of BMX riding.
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Left – Cooper Wilson on the second rotation of a double backflip, Right – Luke Tooze flipping and whipping at the same time.