Freestyle Now BMX Stunt Show Thrills at Shire of Murray’s Bike It for Bike Month Event


Luke Tooze sending it via a Superman seat grab.

Freestyle Now brought the BMX excitement to South Yunderup for the Shire of Murray’s Bike It for Bike Month event, showcasing their thrilling BMX stunt show amidst bicycle-related activities. Despite challenging weather conditions, the Freestyle Now crew, led by Kim on the mic, delivered a stellar performance that left a lasting impression. Michelle from the Shire of Murray expressed her admiration for the Freestyle Now crew, describing them as “absolutely amazing” and commending their professionalism and friendliness. Kim’s engaging commentary not only highlighted the other providers present but also resonated well with both kids and parents in attendance. The turnout may have been hampered by dark clouds, sprinkling rain, and gusty winds throughout the day, but the Freestyle Now crew rose to the occasion, showcasing their skills with unwavering enthusiasm. The BMX stunts performed were truly awesome, captivating the audience and adding an adrenaline-pumping edge to the Bike It for Bike Month event.

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