Bassendean Skatepark Competition brings the heat


The scorching summer sun did little to deter the vibrant energy at the Bassendean skatepark competition, where riders of all ages and skill levels gathered for a sizzling showcase of skateboarding, scootering, and BMX action. Despite the soaring temperatures, the atmosphere remained electric, with every participant, from first-timers to seasoned enthusiasts, sporting smiles as wide as their impressive tricks. Skateboarders landed their tricks for the first time, and enthusiastic newcomers revealed in the thrill of entering their inaugural competition. A standout trend of the day in the BMX beginners was the seat stand, standing on the seat, a creative and crowd-captivating maneuver that showcased the BMX community’s inventiveness. The open scooter division took the crowd’s excitement to new heights with its high-energy performances, while the entire community came together to cheer on every participant, fostering an inclusive and supportive environment. Todd Hanshall, in the open BMX category, stole the show with a performance that delighted everyone in attendance. However, the standout of the day was undeniably Ian Tsuzuki Botta, who entered every division with an infectious smile, epitomizing the sheer joy and fun that action sports bring. The Bassendean Skatepark Competition was a true testament to the dedication of the riders and the vibrant community that supports them. Freestyle Now extends its appreciation to all participants, spectators, the town of Bassendean and the Bassendean youth services and everyone who contributed to making this event a success.

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Clockwise from top left – It’s so rad to see Freya Iburg still ripping it up on scooter. – Todd Hanshall is an awesome rider, stoked to see him ripping up and hanging at the competition with the other BMXers, scene building. – Tayah Payne is the future, keep watching. – Ian Tsuzuki Botta rolled in all three disciplines and took home lots of prizes, but scooter is his jam. – More photos can be found on our Facebook page here.

Bassendean competition official results 26th November 2023

Scooter beginner– 1st Jake Welhan, 2nd Koby Heel, 3rd Drew Hancey, 4th Calais Blakers, 5th Tommy Jackson

Scooter Intermediate – 1st CJ M, 2nd Freya Iburg, 3rd Jayce Blakers, 4th Luke Singleton, 5th Rhyder Howard, 6th Ben Measey, 7th Nathan Kollar

Scooter Open – 1st Hayden Brewer, 2nd Ian Tsuzuki Botta, 3rd Josh Atkinson

Skateboard Beginner – 1st Eva O’Driscroll, 2nd Duke, 3rd Amelia Sprout

Skateboard Intermediate – 1st Hannah Lederman, 2nd Lalita Perroni, 3rd Ian Tsuzuki Botta

Skateboard Open – 1st Matt Brazier, 2nd Mac Leivers, 3rd Amos Hadad, 4th Tayah Payne

BMX Beginners – 1st Zack Ballantyne, 2nd Jaxon Baker, 3rd Calais Blakers, 4th Ian Tsuzuki Botta, 5th Gavin Cameron Malcolm Penny

BMX Intermediate – 1st Jake Wellhan, 2nd Alec, 3rd Liam Miller, 4th Jayce Blackers, 5th Hayden Brewer, 6th Timothy

BMX Open – 1st Todd Hanshall