Freestyle Now Unleashes BMX Brilliance at Cobram Agricultural Show in Country Victoria


Freestyle Now rolled into the heart of Country Victoria at the Cobram Agricultural Show, delivering two days of electrifying BMX stunt show performances that left spectators in awe. The stellar lineup featured Freestyle Now co-founder and leader, Shaun Jarvis, a trailblazer in the BMX world known for his precision and distinctive style. Joining him were seasoned professional Andrew Ahumada, renowned for pushing the boundaries with his technical expertise, and the heavy hitter Sam Grace, whose fearless approach to tricks always steals the show. Adding an international flair to the ensemble was the Colombian giant, Robin Meza, whose precision tailwhips and bar spins left an indelible mark on the Cobram crowd. The picturesque setting of the Cobram Agricultural Show provided the perfect canvas for Freestyle Now’s BMX mastery. Shaun Jarvis, Andrew Ahumada, Sam Grace, and Robin Meza seamlessly blended their skills, showcasing a dynamic mix of gravity-defying stunts, jaw-dropping tricks, and flawless execution. The show routines were nothing short of fabulous, featuring daring maneuvers where riders soared over their colleagues and executed multiple tricks back-to-back. In some shows, it felt like a friendly competition among the riders to outdo each other with increasingly impressive tricks, creating a fun and engaging atmosphere for both the riders and the enthralled crowds. From the initial jump to the closing act, the Freestyle Now crew had the audience on the edge of their seats, orchestrating an unforgettable experience that celebrated the essence of BMX riding. The riders’ dedication and the enthusiastic response from the Cobram community underscored the success of the show.

Samual Grace is a super radical rider and know how to get the crowds making noise with super radial tricks like this double seat grab.

Clockwise from top left – Samual Grace giving the Cobram Show the flips and the whips all in one jump. – Robn Meza the Colombian Giant and the best indi seat grabs in the business. – Double no handers from Robin Meza and Shaun Jarvis. – Andrew Ahumada has nothing to do but a nothing. – More photos can be found on our Facebook page here.

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