Dumbleyoug Bluebird festival


On the 6th of November the Freestyle Now stunt squad along with invited rider Laurence Bakewell headed out to the Dumbleyoug Bluebird festival to hit up some show performances and coaching workshops. The bluebird festival takes its name from the famous Bluebird boat that Donald Campbell set the water speed record in. In 1964 Donald Campbell too the Bluebird to Lake Dumbleyoug and set the water speed record of 444.66 Km per hour. Lake Dumbleyoug when it is not dry has the largest body of inland water in southern W.A. covering an area of about 84kms2  

The Bluebird festival is a great community event with many surrounding areas and towns contributing to make this event a highlight of the calendar year for many. The Freestyle Now squad hit up some great show performances and then also got the local riders involved with some coaching workshops.The young dudes who participated all had a blast and even joined into the last show.

Clockwise from top left – Kie superman – Tim nacnac seat grab – Shaun steamrolla – Laurence dippin 360.


Clockwise from top left – Kie boning out a no foot can can – the locals got involved with some coaching, and a limbo jam – Tim turndown before unwinding into an x up – local whippersnapper getting awesome in the coaching sessions.

Clockwise from top left – Shaun jumping mid link – Laurence 360 backflip – Tim and Shaun double assassination of the jump box – Kie flip turndown at height.