2022 DownUnderGround – the Australian BMX flatland national championships


After a 2 year hiatus DownUnderGround was back to a physical contest. BMX flatland riders from around Australia and the world converged on Melbourne to partake in one of the hardest forms of BMX riding, flatland. The last physical contest was in 2019 with video contests taking place in 2020 and 2021. DownUnderGround, the Australian BMX flatland national championships took place at Rampfest in Melbourne as part of the Australian BMX freestyle championships. The location was sorted outside to host the competition but in true Melbourne form the weather was not kind. The wind had picked up to gale force conditions so it was decided to move the competition indoors, and go back to the year 2000 and ride between the ramps.The format was each rider having three runs, each up to two minutes long. The lowest score dropped and both remaining runs added together.This was the 14th year for DownUnderGround. It’s a time when friends come together from all over Australia to ride, share tricks have good times and build the BMX flatland scene in Australia. DownUnderGround also has a video contest helps riders earn points toward the year end title.

Clockwise from top left – Gonzalo Bellanti took home the win and year end title once again in the open class – Heru Anwari from Indonesia has been living in Melbourne for a few years now and ripping it up. Only a few points behind Gonzalo for the second place in the open class – Making his way from Indonesia for the contest Botay Agata took the 3rd place in open class and did some crazy switches from the front to back wheel and back again. This Time machine was just one of his spinning tricks – BMX flatland legend Grant Cruise is always a pleasure to watch ride. This funky chicken was prime but his quick spin was one of the contest highlights.

Clockwise from top left – Philipp Frueh took home the win and the year end title in the expert class. This lard yard was just some of his trickery – Freestyle Now CEO Shaun Jarvis letting go of the bars to grab the pegs, took out the 2nd place in the expert class – from his his home city of Nara in Japan Yuki Tokui proceed to take the 3rd place spot in the expert class – Tom Palonek is back and riding and was great to see him smash out these smith decades to 4th place in the expert class.

Clockwise from top left – Kevin Filmer said he has not been riding much but he was really consistent with the trick he was doing like this front yard, 5th place experts – One of Australia’s most progressive riders, Melbourne rider David Rooney had some struggles with the contest floor location and it showed in his consistency. 6th place – Top 3 expert place getters – Top 3 opens place getters. All photos thanks to Stephen Pretty


DownUnderGround – the Australian BMX flatland national championships – official results 19th November 2022

Expert class – 1st Philipp Frueh 216 points, 2nd Shaun Jarvis 213 points, 3rd Yuki Tokui 209 points, 4th Tom Palonek 195 points, 5th Kevin Filmer 173 points, 6th David Rooney 170 points

Open Class – 1st Gonzalo Bellanti 297 points, 2nd Heru Anwari 285 points, 3rd Botay Agata 258 points, 4th Grant Cruise 255 points

2022 Australian BMX flatland champions

Open Class – Gonzalo Bellanti

Expert class – Philipp Frueh

Beginner class – Paul Grzinic