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Freestyle Now web play – June 2017


Freestyle Now has been rolling out the rad since 1986, that’s over 30 years of radness. Freestyle Now has had many squad members come and go over the years and our current squad roster is the raddest yet. This is our first full squad web video since 2013. The concept of the video is to show the riders and their everyday riding style. The Freestyle Now squad had a diverse range of squad members that cover many disciplines including BMX (park, street and flatland) scooter and skateboard. Inclusiveness and diversity are two of the main principals behind Freestyle Now. This Freestyle Now webplay features Freestyle now reserves squad members, Jack Carwardine, Jarrod Murfit, Kieran Ramsay and Mitch Harris with Freestyle Now squad members Jason Parker, David Pinelli, Lee Kirkman, Paul Chamberlain, Ben Thomas, Matt Adkins, Tanh Ga, Shaun Jarvis, Dez Maarsen and Dylan Schmidt. Give the video a watch to see all of our squad members in action doing what they love to do, rolling out the rad….

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Freestyle BMX tricks – The book


freestyle_bmxCVR.inddSome time ago Freestyle Now co-founder and full time squad member Shaun Jarvis was approached to help write a book on bmx freestyle tricks. The chance to help out with such a project does not happen all the time so Shaun jumped at the chance. The main reason that Shaun wanted to help out with the book was to use it as another medium to promote the sport of bmx freestyle. When Shaun and co founders Brad Dyer and Georg Molnar started Freestyle Now it was to promote the sport of bmx freestyle, this has always been the main objective and with the book it was just another medium that could be used to do this. Freestyle Now has some copies of the book which you can buy through Freestyle Now via EBay.

Freestyle BMX tricks the book is divided into two styles, flatland and air. Flatland is for flatland tricks and the air tricks relate to anything done on a ramp or skatepark. The book is targeted at beginners riders who want to increase their skill level. The book takes readers through 39 tricks step by step and reveals the secrets to every trick’s success, providing insider’s tips and techniques and common problems. Shaun Jarvis also adds in his trick tips which will help to learn the tricks quickly and easily.

Bmx freestyle has been around in a semi official capacity since the very early 1980’s. People were doing tricks on bikes well before then but the official wording bmx freestyle did not start till then and people and riders started to see this form of bmx riding as a new form or something that was worthy of input. The tricks that were being done back then were of the basic form and backflips were not even contemplated let alone a tailwhip. Progression is what drove the sport, riders wanted to progress and one up the next rider, what more could be done. The tricks in bmx freestyle are endless. Even now over 30 years later the progression is still what drives the tricks.

Freestyle Now squad member Shaun Jarvis has been riding bmx since 1981 and witnessed the growth of the sport in Australia and around the world. From its infancy to now although the tricks have progressed the fundamental ethos of riding is still the same, ride bmx, do tricks, have fun.

Freestyle BMX Tricks FINAL.indd

The freestyle bmx tricks book is an instructional book that will help the beginner or novice learn basic to advanced bmx tricks on ramps and flatland. It is not really target at the expert level rider. The format is simple to understand with tricks broken down into three basic steps.

Freestyle BMX Tricks FINAL.indd
Although the book has been published around the world Shaun did not take any monetary return for helping put the book together, his payment was “If the book can get people stoked on riding and more people into the sport then that’s enough payment for me” This statement has had some impact as Freestyle Now received an email from Steve S in Glendale Heights in Illinois America, and he was stoked on the book and the content.

Hi Freestyle Now,
I recently grabbed a copy of the BMX freestyle tricks book on Amazon, and I wanted to write and say thanks for it, and for your website. I’m a 38 year old want-to-be flatland rider from the US and find your book very helpful. I rode a little in the 80s and am trying to get back into it. With the help of your book, I managed to bunnyhop a rolled up t-shirt yesterday after only a few attempts. I know it doesn’t sound like much, or very impressive, but it has inspired me to keep trying and not feel as self conscious about being an old guy on a kids bike. haha. I was wondering how tall Shaun is as I am 6’3″ and had written myself off as being “too tall” to learn flat, but Shaun looks like a taller guy, so maybe there is hope for me yet. Anyway, thanks again for putting out the book and website. It has helped remind me about what having fun on a bike is all about. Take Care.

Steve S.
Glendale Heights,

Upon showing Shaun this email he was super psyched, with a large smile on his face, he knew that even if only one person was stoked on his input into the book then that was what he set out to accomplish.
Freestyle Now has some copies of the book which can be brought via EBay for $30(AUS)(inc postage)
If you are keen to pick up a copy please send us a contact or go via the Ebay site .

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Busselton skatepark competition – Round 18 Freestyle Now Western Australian Skatepark Series


Round 18 of the Freestyle Now Western Australian Skatepark Series was held at the new Busselton skatepark as part of the opening day celebrations. It was a big day with many competitions taking place at various parts of the park simultaneously. The crowds were big and the people came out to see the new skatepark, one of Western Australia’s biggest, as the official opening took place. The skatepark has a large bowl , small bowl and various street plaza sections. It is a very good well designed park. Freestyle Now managed the bmx and scooter competitions on the day. This was the final round of the Freestyle Now Western Australian Skatepark Series for 2015 and the full results of the series will be posted soon. A big thank you to all the competitors who rolled and to our supporters Local BMX, Colony bmx, Sacrifice scooters, Ethereal Clothing. We also need to give a big shout out to the City of Busselton and all the youth workers who helped make this day so rad.

Freestyle Now busselton skatepark competition december 2015 - Ben Gately 1st place in bmx big bowl beginners

 Ben Gately was going high in the bmx big bowl comp, this was good to see. The three judges Shaun Jarvis, David Pinelli and Jarrod Murfit was also stoked, hands up in the air.

Freestyle Now busselton skatepark competition december 2015 - bmx scooter

Clockwise from top left – Jayden Dennehy hitting up a finger whip in the street plaza scooter competition – Jon Graham double pegging the rail on his way to first in the street plaza bmx comp – Talyn Galic hand planting the 10ft deep end of the big bowl – Shane Ellis rode the big bowl like he was doing it for years with lots of flow and style, 1st place in big bowl.

  More photos can be seen on the facebook page here

Busselton skatepark competition – 13th December 2015 – Round 18 Freestyle Now Western Australian Skatepark Series – Official results

Scooter advanced – 1st Jayden Dennehy, 2nd Jakob Wells, 3rd Talyn Galic, 4th Safyr Iriks
Bmx beginners – 1st Ben Gately, 2nd Aiden Diener, 3rd Ethan Sawyer, 4th Kaine Pountney
Bmx advanced – 1st Shane Ellis, 2nd Jack French, 3rd Regan Lothian, 4th Kasem Phanat, 5th Jon Graham, 6th Russell Forrest, 7th Jason Homes.

Scooter beginners – 1st Bailey Ashman, 2nd Louie Marsh, 3rd Safyr Iriks, 4th Kerim Celiker.
Scooter Advanced – 1st Jayden Dennehy, 2nd Brady Forrest, 3rd Talyn Galic, 4th Jakob Wells
Bmx beginners – 1st Aidan Diener, 2nd Kaine Pountney
Bmx advanced – 1st Ben Gately, 2nd Regan Lothian, 3rd Kasem Phanat, 4th Jon Graham, 5th Liam O’Connor, 6th Russell Forrest

Scooter beginners – 1st Louie Marsh, 2nd Safyr Iriks, 3rd Kerim Celiker, 4th Bailey Ashman, 5th Kaleb Semark, 6th James Gough
Scooter advanced – 1st Jayden Dennehy, 2nd Talyn Galic, 3rd Brady Forrest, 4th Jakob Wells
Bmx beginners – 1st Ethan Sawyer, 2nd Jim Ward, 3rd Ryan Copley
Bmx advanced – 1st John Graham, 2nd Regan Lothian, 3rd Russell Forrest, 4th Shane Ellis

Scooter beginners – 1st Louie Marsh, 2nd Safyr Iriks, 3rd Kerim Celiker, 4th Kaleb Semark, 5th James Gough
Scooter advanced – 1st Jayden Dennehy, 2nd Talyn Galic, 3rd Jakob Wells, 4th Brady Forrest, 5th Safyr Iriks
Bmx beginners – 1st Aidan Diener, 2nd Ethan Sawyer, 3rd Kaine Pountney 4th  Ben Gately, 5th Jim Ward, 6th Ryan Copley
Bmx advanced – 1st Regan Lothian, 2nd John Graham, 3rd Shane Ellis, 4th Kasem Phanat, 5th Russell Forrest, 5th Ben Gately, 7th Jack French, 8th Liam O’Connor, 9th Jason Homes

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Welcome Lee Kirkman – Freestyle Now new squad member


Freestyle Now would like to formally announce that Australian bmx legend Lee Kirkman is now an official Freestyle Now squad member. Lee has been competing at a pro level since 1995 and would have to be the best all round rider in Australia if not the world. It’s not uncommon for Lee to hit up some large dirt jumps in the morning, roll out large flairs at the skatepark in the afternoon and finish up with a flatland session in the evening. Lee brings to Freestyle Now skills that many riders dream of. His ability on a bike is nothing but radness. Lee Kirkman Indian air at margaret river freestyle now bmx show

Lee Kirkman going large at the Margaret River Freestyle Now bmx stunt show a few months ago

Lee Kirkman No hander foot jam Freestyle Now

Lee Kirkman rides everything,  even dams and does no handed foot jams

Lee Kirkman hitchhiker bmx flatland Freestyle Now

Lee is recently won the year end title for DownUnderGround the Australian bmx flatland contest series and took second at the finals in Melbourne in Pro. To add to his record wins in 2011 Lee won the doubles competition at the Red Bull dirt pipe with friend Clint Bensley. The dirt pipe was a one of a kind contest, a dirt halfpipe sculptured down a hillside that sent the riders down fast and over big jumps, an insane contest to say the least. In 2007 at the Australian BMX games Lee took out the Hungry like a Wolf trophy, an award that was given to the best rider of the contest. Lee Kirkman place top five in pro in Flatland, Dirt, Park, Mini and Vert at that contest. There are not many riders in the world that can achieve such an achievement. Lee Kirkman is one heck of a rider, anything you put in front of him he can ride it. It is a pleasure and an honor to have such a legend as a Freestyle Now squad member. Be sure to check out some of the below videos to know that Lee Kirkman knows how to roll out the rad.

Six minutes with Lee Kirkman, give it a watch to see more of an insight into the life of Lee Kirkman.

Lee Kirkman can ride everything and this below video just proves this point, some dam radical riding in this video, know that Lee Kirkman is the radness.

Lee Kirkman at the 2011 Red Bull Dirt Pipe, check it at the 2 minute mark to see Lee unleash his style on dirt.

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Freestyle Now Kalgoorlie trip


Freestyle Now travels all around Australia rolling out the rad to many people in many different forms, stunt shows, skatepark competitions, coaching workshops as well as school presentations. In April squad members Shaun Jarvis, Brady Thomas and Hudson Goodchild headed out to Kalgoorlie to host round 8 of the Freestyle Now Western Australian Skatepark Series. The guys got a little bit of riding done while on the trip, at the skatepark and at a rad local ditch and got some video clips along the way. Enjoy.

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John Manning update


Freestyle Now reserves squad member John Manning has sent in an update on what he has been doing over the last few months

“Over the past couple months I have been riding and filming a hell of a lot, mainly for a new video that myself and three other mates are planning on bringing out in a couple months. At first we were planning on just filming throughout Armadale but recently we decided to expand the video and film all around Perth so it would be a better overall video. We are planning on filming for a couple more months yet so we can all try get some good clips in and avoid the rainy days. Apart from filming this video I have been doing a couple Freestyle Now gigs here and there which has been fun and just the usual arvo sessions at Armadale skate plaza with the locals. For a terribly designed plaza we all seem to enjoy riding it a lot haha. Also we have found a couple of fun undercover spots that we can ride when it rains now so we always have somewhere to ride when it’s wet. As for my bike it’s running super good. I put it together back in February and I haven’t had to replace anything on it besides some pedals and some new tyres (thanks to Freestyle Now for the tyres) and I’m super happy with the whole setup. The video in this web post are some clips filmed in Armadale that I have gotten while we have been filming for our main video, not a lot there but give it a watch, thanks.”

John Manning August 2014 wall ride

John hits up the undercover spot he and a few friends have found

John Manning July 2014 from freestyle now .

John Manning August 2014 stair 360

John Manning sends a 360 down stairs

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Rockingham skate scoot and bmx finals fest


The City of Rockingham is very proactive in skatepark activity. With each of their 5 skateparks all hosting a competition and multiple workshop sessions there is plenty of action happening within the city’s boundaries. With each of the competitions that take place over the past 12 months the top place getters in the advanced classes all receive an invite to a special invite only competition. There will only be a maximum of 15 competitors in each of the disciplines and with $3000 up for grabs between, skateboard, scooter and bmx there will no doubt be some radness flowing on the day. The competition takes place at the Rockingham Netball Courts on Dixon Road in Rockingham on Sunday 13th July from 11am to 5pm. Freestyle Now will be bringing all of its ramps to the location and setting up a one off ramp course that will be challenging with lines and transfers for all to flow on. There will also be a free ride time for other non competitors who would like to come down to the competition location, watch the competition and then get to roll on the one off set up. This competition will be Round 11 Freestyle Now Western Australian Skatepark Series and will be a double pointer for the series. Check out the 2013 Rockingham skate scoot and bmx finals fest here. You can also keep up to date with all new Freestyle Now events on our coming events page here.


Rockingham finals fest competition - Dom Williams

Dom Williams took out 2nd place at last years Rockingham skate scoot and bmx finals fest with tricks like this decade.

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Shaun Jarvis – May 2014 travel video part 3


Freestyle Now squad member Shaun Jarvis had a busy month of May. With a trip in Canberra and Melbourne earlier in the month then a trip from Brisbane out to Cunnamulla the end of May had Shaun travelling to Exmouth with squad members David Pinelli and Hudson Goodchild to host a skatepark coaching session for the locals. Shaun sent through his travel video from the Exmouth trip along with a few words.

“May was a super busy month for me, so much travel, I’m so stoked to get to do this as a job. The Exmouth trip was great. We went there to host a coaching session, the local there were super rad with them all showing rad skills. The locals told us about a spot out at the marina with a bank that we should check out. It was a rad spot which we rode for nearly 2 hours. Dave and I got to ride on the beach which is always fun, I mean who rides bmx on a beach… we all got some clips at the skatepark and I made another travel video. Looking forward to my next adventure, stay rad” 

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Shaun Jarvis – May 2014 travel video part 2


Freestyle Now squad member Shaun Jarvis is having a busy month of May. From heading to Canberra and Melbourne earlier in the month he has just got back from a trip to Brisbane and a long long drive out to Cunnamulla to host a coaching session session for the locals. This weekend Shaun along with squad members Hudson Goodchild and David Pinelli head to Exmouth to get rad with the locals and host another skatepark coaching session. Shaun sent in a few words about his Queensland trip and had put together another travel video.

“The trip out to Cunnamulla was one of the most fun and hectic trips I’ve ever been on. Hectic was the order of the weekend. With an 840kms drive out to Cunnamulla we had planned to set off early, haha plans what are they!!! Along for this trip was Brisbane locals Bradley Spann, Manuel Kovacs and Alex Haim. At 4am I got a phone call from Manuel saying he has a flat in his car and can I pick him up…. So much for leaving Brisbane at 5:30am. After picking up Alex 2 hours late we roll out at 7:30am. The drive was long and we got in to Cunnamulla at 7:30pm just in time to get dinner at the pub before it closed. The coaching session at the Cunnamulla skatepark was one of the raddest, with the youth there so receptive. It was a long day. Sunday morning came around and with not much sleep thanks to the other guests in the hotel we departed back to Brisbane. So about 30kms out of town we get a flat. Some travelers stopped to make sure we were all good, we were, and as they drove off they said have a good day, Brad replied “thanks it can’t get any worse”… wrong. After driving for just over an hour we realized we were not heading east but travelling north. North to Charleville, 200kms north. We did have a rad session at the skatepark though so it was kinda worth it. Arriving back in risbane and dropping off the other guys I got to my hotel at 1am, so Sunday was a long day. Coming back to Perth my flight was delayed so I got an earlier flight, via Sydney, which resulted in a mad rush to get my bike packed. Getting on the plane with only minutes to spare full of sweat form the mad rush.The trip its self was so much fun and Brad, Manuel and Alex were so much fun to hang with and they did such a rad job at the skatepark coaching sessions.  I made another trip video, hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed the weekend. Stay rad”.

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Shaun Jarvis – May 2014 travel video part 1


Freestyle Now squad member Shaun Jarvis is having a busy month of May. He recently came back from a 10 day trip to Canberra and Melbourne. With only two days in his home town of Perth he has ventured off to Brisbane where he is currently in the remote town of Cunnamulla some 840kms west of Brisbane. Next weekend Shaun along with Hudson Goodchild and David Pinelli will be travelling up to Exmouth in the northwest to host a coaching session. Shaun sent in a few words about his part 1 travel video for the month of may.

“Canberra was good fun. I headed out to Tumut about 200kms from Canberra to host a skatepark coaching session taking some Canberra shredders with me to assist with the session, was good to have Mike Ross, Troy Harradine and Jayden Poidevin along with me. It was so cold that it started to have light snow towards the end of the session. Spent a day just hanging in Canberra before heading to Melbourne where I spent a week just hanging out with friends and riding, it was cold but a great week. I always seem to film stuff with my good camera and never really edit the footage together so for the month of May I decided to film using my phone and edit it on the go with a phone edit app. The result is this video. It’s dodgey and raw but shows what I did and saw and rode with over my 10 day trip. For me it’s something I can look back on with fond memories. I’m working on my next one from my Cunnamulla trip and will also have one done from our Exmouth trip later next week. Stay rad and have fun.”


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