Welcome new freestyle now squad member – Luke Tooze


Freestyle Now would like to welcome our newest squad member, Luke Tooze. Luke has been riding bmx since 2010 and in that time has been slowly progressing the radness. Luke first came in our radar sights via competing at the skatepark competitions we hold, first as a beginner and then slowly progressing up to the open class. When we needed a fill in rider for our bmx stunt shows Luke’s name came up a few times as a rider that had the right attitude and radness. He brought such a rad energy that he got invited a few more times as a guest rider. Luke gets it. With all the right elements, radness, super keen, unique riding style, great energy, easy going and knows how to entertain a crowd during a stunt show. Luke is also progressing his riding and tricks with recently learning double backflips that he is keen to bring to the Freestyle Now bmx stunt shows. Welcome Luke to the Freestyle Now squad, may your grips be well worn and your calluses be hard, lets roll out the rad. Be sure to check out Luke’s profile page for some more information in the radster.

Luke Tooze has some of the raddest Xups in the business and this one from Margaret River is proof that they are