Luke Tooze

Date of birth – March 2001

Current sponsors – Freestyle Now

Resides – Perth, Western Australia

Freestyle Now squad member since  –  October 2019

Specialty – Getting rad on jumps, flowing skateparks, doing rad Xups.

Started riding bmx – 2010

Main type of riding – I like to ride a bit of everything but if I were to choose one I’d say park.

How did I get into riding – I just naturally started building sketchy jumps as a kid and started progressing from there.

First bike – A yellow Huffy

Who influenced you most in riding – Just the small group that I used to built sketchy jumps with.

What can you remember about the first demo or competition you did – My memory’s not that good but can kinda remember trying to think of different tricks I could send.

Five things that matter the most – Family, friends, a good meat box, my surf board and my bike.

Five things you dislike the most – What the future is turning into, getting injured, goon, Nike tns and negativity, just throw it all in the fire.

Do you like riding in competitions or shows – Shows.

What do you do in your spare time – Surf, camp, fish, go on road trips, 4x4ing, the list goes on.

To you what is beautiful – My moustache.

Why do you ride – Because it’s hell fun aye.

What’s been your worst injury – Not to sure, it’s definitely between slightly grazing my elbow or Breaking my thumb in three places and tearing half the skin on my shoulder and back.

Favourite riding spot – It always changes on my mood but right now I’m feeling Ocean Reef skatepark

Favourite music – Rock ‘n’ roll,  is there any other

If you were to be given a special pencil what would you do with it – Chew the little rubber thing of the end of it


Current bike set up

Frame – Colony bloody oath
Fork – Colony sweet tooth
Headset – integrated
Stem – Colony squareback
Bars – Colony bloody oath
Grips – Colony much room
Seat post – Colony Alex Hiam
Seat post clamp – Colony Alex Hiam
Seat – Colony Alex Hiam
Cranks – Colony CrMo Tubular
Pedals – Colony fantastic
Bottom bracket – sealed mid 10mm
Sprocket – Colony endeavour
Chain – KMC
Front wheel
– rim – Colony pintour
– hub – Colony wasp
– spokes – Black ones
Rear wheel
– rim – Colony pintour
– hub – Colony wasp
– spokes – Black ones
Pegs – N.A
Tires – Colony griplock
Tubes – one’s that hold air




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