Freestyle Now Dominates National 4×4 Outdoor Show in Melbourne with Epic BMX Stunt Shows


The Columbian giant Robin Meza has some amazing super whips.

Freestyle Now, Australia’s foremost BMX stunt show team, took the National 4×4 Outdoor Show in Melbourne by storm, delivering an extraordinary series of  BMX stunt show that left the crowds in awe. The stellar lineup featured elite riders Shaun Jarvis, Cooper Wilson, Columbian sensation Robin Meza, and BMX legend Andrew Ahumada. Over three thrilling days, the BMX stunt shows were a massive hit, drawing great crowds eager to witness the high-energy entertainment. Perfect conditions set the stage for an unforgettable display of skill and excitement. The riders, fueled by the electric atmosphere, executed a plethora of jaw-dropping tricks that kept the audience engaged throughout. Shaun Jarvis, known for his precision and style, led the charge, followed by Cooper Wilson, the reigning Victorian BMX freestyle champion, and Columbian BMX sensation Robin Meza. The legendary Andrew Ahumada added his decades of experience to the mix, creating a BMX spectacle that surpassed all expectations. The Melbourne crowds, large and loud, created an electric atmosphere that amplified the riders’ energy. Cheers and applause filled the air as each rider showcased their unparalleled talent, making it a sensory experience that left a lasting impression.

Once again Freestyle Now is honored to have been part of the National 4×4 Outdoor Show in Melbourne, showcasing our dedication to promoting action sports and delivering top-tier entertainment. The event was a testament to the passion of our riders and the enthusiasm of the Melbourne crowd. Our sincere thanks go to the organizers of the National 4×4 Outdoor Show for inviting Freestyle Now to be part of this exceptional event. If you missed the BMX spectacle in Melbourne, fear not; stay tuned for upcoming performances across Australia. Whether you’re an action sports enthusiast, event organizer, or school looking to engage and inspire, Freestyle Now promises mesmerizing BMX stunt shows that blend high-energy entertainment with exceptional athleticism.

Clockwise from top left – Shaun Jarvis showing some of his technical style of bmx flatland – Cooper Wilson backflipping of the ramp that is known as Steve – Andrew Ahumada goes upside down without his hands on the grips – Cooper Wilson hits the boost button and jumps over Shaun Jarvis – More photos can be found on our Facebook page here.

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