Jack Carwardine


Date of Birth – September 1999

Current sponsors – Freestyle Now

Resides – Perth

Freestyle Now squad member since – Recruits December 2015 – Reserves May 2017

Specialty – BMX

Started riding – 2013

Do you like riding in shows or competitions – I like to ride shows more just for the fact there more chilled and you get to have fun and push your mates.

How did you get into riding? – I started racing BMX when I was 5 and raced until I was 10 when I stopped. In 2013 I got a Fit BF and started to ride at the skatepark

What was your first bike? – My first bike was a Redline 12’ can’t remember the model.

Who has influenced you the most in riding? – One of the people I looked up to the most was Kyle Baldock and any of the local riders, there was a kid down the street I lived on who helped me a lot when I first started.

What can you remember most about your first competition or demo? – The first comp I competed in was at my local Willetton on my 20’ Fit BMX, the main part I remember is my sweaty hands having no grip on the grips and the one and only trick I could do was a 180. I still had an awesome time and that’s where it really all started for my park riding.

Main type of riding – BMX skatepark or ramps

Favorite place to ride – My favourite place to ride would have to be Willetton due to the fact that I have grown up there and rode that park from day one.

What has been your worst injury? Breaking my hand.



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